Tommaso Ciampa has been added to SOTF 14

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  1. 11/7 Columbus - 11/8 Toledo
    It's an ROH tradition and this year it's coming to Columbus and Toledo: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! The most historic tournament in Ring of Honor has been won by legendary athletes such as Bryan Danielson, Delirious, Tyler Black, and Jay Lethal. It's long been regarded as a critical step toward greatness in ROH and a huge accomplishment for whomever wins it.

    This year, the finals of the tournament will take place in Toledo on November 8th! The final match of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST is an absolutely grueling Six Way Elimination match to determine most dominant athlete of the entire tournament. Nearly every participant has been confirmed and announced, including yesterday's surprising addition of DELIRIOUS! But there was still one more spot up for grabs.

    Tommaso Ciampa just recently came back from his mandated ROH suspension, which followed a rampage during which he attacked numerous ROH staff and officials including Kevin Kelly and Bobby Cruise. Ciampa feels he's been overlooked and under appreciated. In the mind of the "Sicilian Psychopath," he DESERVES opportunities. And he deserves title shots.

    ROH Head Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness agreed to reinstate Ciampa under a zero tolerance policy. If he violates the stipulations of his reinstatement - even once - he will be out of Ring of Honor forever. No more chances. And as part of this reinstatement, it seems that Nigel has been taking at least some of what Tommaso rants about under consideration. He even allowed him a chance to represent the ROH ALL STARS in Kalamazoo. So far, Tommaso has adhered to the terms of his reinstatement...but every moment seems on the verge of snapping.

    Tommaso filmed this video asking Nigel to give him that last remaining spot in SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST 2014.

    In what might come as a surprise, once again Nigel McGuinness has acquiesced and made it official. The field of competitors for SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST 2014 is now complete. And TOMMASO CIAMPA is the final entrant!

    Ciampa wants a world title shot and now he has the opportunity to earn it by winning SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. But the zero tolerance policy will be in effect throughout the entire tournament. Nigel McGuinness has given Ciampa the chance that he's asked for, but only time will tell if the the Sicilian Psychopath will keep himself under control!

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