Ring of Honor Tommaso Ciampa Leaves ROH

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. "
  2. What? He must be wwe bound?
  3. No more Sicilian Psychopath in ROH... :please:

    Something along those lines.. I'm shocked by this one.
  4. Ring of Sports Entertainment
  5. Sicilian = Silicon...Valley?????
  6. I am in shock if this is non kayfabe, my fav guy in the company and so much potential for him to be world champ. Damn
  7. This better be part of that badly booked "ROH refused to re-sign me" storyline.
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  8. This is a joke right?
  9. Yes.

    I would think the best place for him to go is Japan. NOAH would be the best destination for him if New Japan or All Japan is ruled out.
  10. Should of put the title on him ages ago imo.
  11. Yeah while Jay was gone would've been a perfect time to do it.. The TV title he had his fun with but I do agree a world shot would've been nice.
  12. Who do you guys think his farewell match will be against?
  13. Gutted about this.

    Hopefully he goes to NJPW or any other Japanese promotion, for that matter. Or heck, maybe even WWE.
  14. NXT would be that much better with him in there.
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  15. From your lips to God's ears, bro. :yay:
  16. Technically from my keyboard, but whatevs.
  17. This sucks.
  18. Michael Elgin, gotta finish up with that DVD called 'The Rise and Fall of Michael Elgin'. lol
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