Tommy Dreamer Angry At The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Damn.. Doesn't look too well. :silva:
  2. Tommy Dreamer Angry On The Shield

    Angry on The Shield or *at* The Shield? :willis:
  3. RE: Tommy Dreamer Angry On The Shield

    #CopyandPaste :badass:

    Not my bad.
  4. Tommy Dreamer Angry On The Shield

    Lol. Holy shit. The Shield is legit beating people down :dawg: :dawg: :dawg:
  5. Tommy Dreamer Angry On The Shield

    Holy shit! He got messed up :shock:
  6. Tommy Dreamer Angry On The Shield

    Yeah.. Thought Dreamer was hurt when laying on the ground.

    Was like :notsure: if selling or hurt
  7. Aight, aight.. Changed the title.
  8. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe: <- Dreamer

    The Shield was like "We'll teach you to win matches Dreamer" :aries

    But seriously, that's f'd up and awfully reckless of them. I wouldn't be surprised if their push just miraculously disappeared because of this, then again WWE doesn't really care about Tommy Dreamer now do they.
  9. Looks pretty bad.
  10. Exactly. He was a huge person to pull in, and was treated to a nearly wasted event. Dreamer looks like hell, im assuming it was okay to be stiff, because he and ricardo both looked pretty fucked.
  11. Come on kids. Dreamer doesn't give a fuck about some stiff shots and facial swelling. He is a goddamn hardcore legend.

    That being said, hopefully this is an angle and we get Ambrose/Dreamer in a hardcore dream match
  12. Re: RE: Tommy Dreamer Angry At The Shield

    Never thought about this but it could work outta similar to Orton / edge vs Foley, also didn't dreamer lose a testicle in a match?
  13. Dreamer vs Ambrose would be a great match up.
  14. *Doesn't Care About Tommy Dreamer*
  15. :pity1:
  16. Its still real to Tommy dammit
  17. It is cute that you would try to use this phrase, but you are doing it wrong.
  18. Fact that his injuries are legit, makes you look foolish....

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