Tommy Dreamer Will Be In Action on The Road To Bound For Glory Tour

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    The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer has been called out by Bram, Mr. Anderson and Bobby Roode, and has accepted their challenges for in-ring action Sept. 17-19 at The Road To Bound For Glory Tour LIVE events in York, PA; Morgantown, WV; and Pittsburgh, PA.

    On Thursday, September 17, in York, Dreamer will compete against Bram and Mr. Anderson in a three-way York Fairground Brawl Falls Count Anywhere match, where a fall will count anywhere in the York Fairgrounds.

    Friday, September 18 Dreamer heads to Morgantown, home of The Mountaineers, for a Mountaineer Mayhem three-way match against Bram and Mr. Anderson with no disqualification and no count outs. In this bout – everything is legal!

    The Dreamer action continues Saturday night September 19 in Pittsburgh where it will be Bobby Roode vs Tommy Dreamer in a Steel City Chain Match. What exactly is a Steel City Chain Match? You will have to join us in Pittsburgh on Saturday the 19 of September to find out!

    Competing in matches like this might seem like a nightmare for most, but for Tommy Dreamer, this is what he lives for! Tommy Dreamer and Mr. Anderson have never competed against each other in a match. You can see it for the for the first time ever on Thursday, September 17 in York, PA. Tommy told the following this afternoon:

    “Mr. Anderson, Bram and Roode are great competitors, but if they are going to come to my back yard and run their mouths, they are going to have to back up their words. The world was abuzz a few weeks back when I announced I’d taken my final choke slam. Don’t let that fool you! There is a lot of steam left in this engine and I can guarantee my three matches on The Road to Bound For Glory Tour will make headlines.”

    Get your tickets now for The Road to Bound For Glory Tour. Once in the arena, visit the ShopTNA stand, grab a bag of popcorn and get to your seat, but don’t sit down – the action will be too intense and Dreamer may need to borrow your chair!

    BUY NOW – York, PA, Sept. 17
    BUY NOW – Morgantown, WV, Sept. 18
    BUY NOW – Pittsburgh, PA, Sept. 19


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