Tommyspud's 'THIS IS WHAT JAPAN WRESTLING IS' topic(news/results/cards)

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Tommyspud, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. This is for everything I plan on posting that has to do with 'not big' Japanese shows. By that I mean, not a tourney, and not Wrestle Kingdom.

    Starting some things off with a NOAH card.

    Personally, the card looks good. The Diamond Ring vs NOAH matches look interesting, but the card shines after. The Junior Tag Titles and Junior Title matches both look like they'll be good ones, and the six man tag one has the hilariousness of Akebono, who is actually a decent wrestler. The Onita six-man tag match worries me, because it's Onita, but as long as him and Takayama stiff each other, it should be fine. The other two matches, for the GHC Tag Titles and the GHC Heavyweight Title... look awesome. I trust Go and Saito to have an awesome match with Suguira and Marufuji. As for Morishima and Kojima, expecting a hard brutal fight, where both men refuse to give up. Morishima is a beast, and Kojima is always a great talent.
  2. Really not that much into NOAH nowadays, they're kinda boring and the crowd sucks.

    The only thing that I'll probably watch are Haste, Nicholls and the Main Event.
  3. SO, yes, more Japanese Cards

    NOAH'S PPV WAS BIG... Read for yourself.

  5. What is the name of the PPV? I'll try finding it on youtube in the week.
  6. GREAT VOYAGE 2012 in RYOGOKU vol.2 ... Yep, that was the title.

    I warn you, it is a Japanese Show that's NOT NJPW... so it may be hard/impossible to find.
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