Tomorrow is the day!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. @ 11pm GMT tomorrow, 20th February.

    The big announcement that the world has been waiting for, the PS4! :obama:

    Can. Not. Wait.
  2. Sony sucks.
  3. :pity1:
  4. No money=no care
  5. I heard they have PS5 in Japan.
  6. They have everything in Japan.

    Except real (young) men :lol1:
  7. Big deal.
  8. Who gives a fuck, get a steambox or pray for a new sega. Fuck Sony, Fuck MS.
  9. Aren't they promo-ing the EyePad at that conference? Hopefully the entire population of Apply fanboy's will butt-clench to such an extreme and cause a meta-black hole that their atoms will collapse in on themselves.
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  10. Lmfao
  11. We can only hope. :yay:
  12. Can't wait, MGO3 is calling my name
  13. I am waiting to see what Xbox has to offer. I am not a "Microsoft mark" but if Xbox tops PlayStation again... You know what I will be getting. :pity:
  14. Gonna watch this due to my overall interest in the industry.
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