News Tomy Schiavone signs with AEW

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Are u glad to see Schiavone sign with AEW? What would u like to see him doing?

I've said it before, I'll say it again, AEW really should try and sign Conrad Thompson and position him as the voice of AEW. You get a 3 man commentary team with Jim Ross, Conrad Thompson, and Tony Schiavone. I feel like this would be a great strategic move for the company. Conrad is dominating the wrestling podcast game and he has a show with JR and Tony. The chemistry for the 3 of them is there, it would be a fun booth, but JR and Tony see professional enough to make it serious when it should be. Conrad is basically already the "voice of wrestling" in the modern age so it just makes sense that he become a commentator. And he would have one the most recognized voices of WWE and the one of the most recognized voices of WCW on his left and right and would be able to teach him how to become a legit great commentator.

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