Tonight! IMPACT Kicks Off With Stairway To Janice!

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    The war between Bram and Abyss has taken a most violent turn since Bram captured the sadistic Janice and used it against Abyss multiple times. Tonight’s IMPACT will kick-off with the match meant to settle the score, when Janice is hung high above the ring. Abyss has promised barbed wire, tacks, chairs and utter chaos that will ultimately lead to one man capturing Janice and using it on his opponent. This is Stairway to Janice.

    Tune in to Spike TV tonight at 9/8c and you will be witness to one of the most barbaric matches in all of professional wrestling. Bram and Abyss have proven to the world that they are the two most extreme Monsters in wrestling today, but who will reign supreme in this clash of epic proportions?

    This match will prove why Hardcore Justice is, truly, the most extreme wrestling event of the year. Don’t miss it – tonight at 9/8c!


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