Tonight: Mr. McMahon to deliver State of WWE Address

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  1. Tonight: Mr. McMahon to deliver State of WWE Address

    [​IMG] has learned that Mr. McMahon will be at tonight's Raw in Sacramento, Calif., to deliver a State of WWE Address.

    What will The Chairman have to say? Will he address the performance of Raw General Manager AJ Lee? Could her job be in jeopardy?

    In addition to addressing the current state of affairs within WWE, does Mr. McMahon have anything to say regarding its future? Could The Chairman have a message directly from WWE's Board of Directors?

    The entire WWE Universe is buzzing about this surprise appearance. Tune in tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network to find out what Mr. McMahon has to say.

    Share what you think Mr. McMahon may discuss tonight. Post your comments below, Tout your ideas or sound off now on Facebook and Twitter using #StateofWWE.

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