Tonight: UFC 149 Faber vs Barao

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. I'll miss most of the card but will rush home to try and catch the co man & main events.


    it's a pretty decent card, especially the main two fights, you noobs should watch
  2. Depends if I'm out again tonight. If not, I'll watch it even know I know none of these guys.
  3. Faber vs Barao will be a FOTYC
  4. I'll be TiVo'ing this.
    Can't be assed to stay up to watch it live, not that great of a card, not even that great a main event.

    Barao will win though.
  5. If you don't know enough about Faber and Barao to know that it will be an awesome main event you don't really know enough to make an accurate prediction on the fight. What you've just provided is a guess, at best.
  6. Can you tell me a bit of background information to get me pumped for the fight lol?
  7. I like the little I've seen or Uriah tbh. I'll be rooting for him.

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  8. By great I don't mean talent, I mean hype about it and excitement.
  9. Faber is probably the biggest name in MMA history as far as guys from weight classes at 145 and lower go. He dominated the 145 pound division in WEC (before UFC had a 145 lb division so he was fighting the best) as a natural 135 pounder. He has 26 career wins, 14 by sub and 7 by KO, so he's well rounded and finishes fights.

    Now originally as I think you know this fight was meant to be for the 135 pound title between Faber and Cruz in the 3rd fight between the two. Cruz blew out his knee, so this is now for the interim title.

    Barao is one of the most hyped fighters around having won 28 fights in a row, but some question his level of competition. Like Faber, Barao is well rounded, and probably more well rounded on the feet, using a lot of impressive knees and kicks whereas Faber tends to lean on his powerful right hand

    I expect a 5 round war between two guys who will excel wherever the fight goes.


    Who cares? Super hyped fights fail to live up to expectations 9 times out of 10 and main events like this one are more likely to produce a great fight

    it's not just about talent either; both guys are talented, but they are well rounded and match up well together AND both guys look to finish the fight at all times. It's going to be fireworks
  10. I hope Faber takes it but I fear that Barao might be just to fast at a key moment and will bust out some technicalfag moves.

    Also isn't Hart supposed to be at this event? I heard he was going to walk someone to the octagon as well.
  11. Yeah Hart is walking someone out, I'm not sure if I posted it though.
  12. Bret Hart?
  13. I'm also looking forward to the Lombard vs Boetsch match. Lombard was a beast and certified manslayer over in Bellator for a while. I am calling for Lombard knocking Boetsch out in the end of the first round. Boetsch is strong and durable but not enough to withstand Hurricane Hector in my opinion.


    Yes Bret Hart.
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