Tonight Watch Jeff Jarrett Become the Fifth Inductee Into the TNA Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Tonight on IMPACT WRESTLING, Jeff Jarrett will take his rightful place in the TNA Hall of Fame, becoming the fifth member of the elite club alongside fellow members Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Devon.

    Jeff shocked the wrestling world when he returned to IMPACT WRESTLING several weeks ago and then went on to win the King of the Mountain Championship at Slammiversary. Tonight watch as TNA President Dixie Carter inducts TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett, who will be accompanied by wife Karen, into the TNA Hall of Fame on a very special edition of IMPACT WRESTLING at 9e/p on Destination America.

    Dixie announces Jeff as next Hall of Fame inductee (Tribute Video)


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