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  1. Sounds phenomenal.

    Bye bye, but that leads usk to the following:

    Hopefully great wrestlers such as Neese, Williams, Kid Kash and some other guys and girls won't be too unpatient and frustrated when they're time comes for TV.

    To end the news with good news, Slammy will be nowhere near the suckhole called IZ.
    Credit to TNAsylum and PWInsider for all the news and rumors.

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  2. 1. Good to see them pushing Storm into the spotlight. I could see him as a huge face for them.
    2. RVD has been lazy the majority of his time here and Hernandez is just dangerous. Anyone remember that border toss when he threw Doug onto his neck?
    3. I like the idea of no story no tv as it will reduce random segments but give Pope something. I like his mic work.
    4. Hopefully Slammy gets a good crowd.

    Discussed :grin:
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  3. 1. Hence why Storm wins at Lockdown.
    2. Hell yeah I remember. That garbage and redneck Anarquia injured half a roster in 2011. Fucking fags. Just watch this:
    3. But I liked totally random Russo stuff...:russo:
    4. Atlanta, NYC, Chicago... Anything from 3000+ would be great.
    5. Liked.

    Thanks for discussing @[seabs] . You're a pretty big deal around here.:laugh:
    Btw, I always love to tag @[seabs] and hashtag all of you guys #seabs. :cool:
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  4. 1. I hope Roode keeps the belt all the way to BFG. It's your biggest stage so make that the time Storm gets his revenge. Then again Hardy will probably win the belt there again.
    2. Wasn't it Anarquia who put Sabin out also?
    3. Russo stuff is cool just avoid the lockbox challenge. A title changing hands due to opening a box :matt:
    4. I'd love them to go to NYC. Get in the ballroom, then you're guaranteed an entertaining crowd even if it isn't the biggest. I wonder if they could get in MSG actually?

    You're a friendly guy.
  5. 1. Not the biggest fan of Storm if I'm honest. #SorryForBreakingHearts
    2. RVD to return to WWE probably, sigh.
    3. I liked Pope's mic work, but at least this reduces burials.
    4. YOU MEAN THEY'RE LEAVING THE IZ? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. 1. Highly unlikely. I'd love, but TNA officials don't tbh.
    2. Yeah, Anarhomofobia guy. Thats why I said FAGS. They put down Williams, Sabin, Neal and a few others IIRC, either for a short or long period (see Sabin). Two numbskulls. Btw, Hernandez has started the promotion in Mexico recently. Imagine that fagshit.:facepalm:
    3. Oh lawd, do NOT remind me. You could remind me of Lacey Von Erich, she was gorgeus.
    4. Rough to go to MSG. Ballroom wood be great, though.

    Thanks, I know [​IMG]. I sometimes even let some Canadians and ginipgs into my house for various reasons. Sometimes though, when I see the half-breeds, I treat them for what they are: a frickin half-breeds. I don't think they see me friendly. :steiner:

    1. We comin for you!
    2. Maybe a couple of thousand $$$ could motivate that lazy stale Bob.

    @[seabs] Why did you put all the discuss in the order/numbers? When is it going to end? It's endless! Gunna need another :steiner: lesson 'bout this.
    I am so gonna hastag you #seabs .
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  7. Testify is slowly becoming the king of smileys around here :rock:
  8. U jelly breh? U don't like that? Cause if you don't, I'm paying 100$ to anyone to hack this site! :otunga:

    Now on a serious note, gunna ask for Angle mugshot smilie elsewhere. That is full of f'ing win.

    Angle's mugshot >>> :matt: . Bar none.
  9. Testifiy is slowly taking over WWEForums with his TNA crap.
  10. O you still have heat on me? For no other reason than it is random and not-explained? Great for you, great.
  11. How can anyone hate @[TestifyScavo] he has the friendly award for god sake!
  12. I like the fact that Storm's music will be out on country stations. It makes sense to stick to the old WCW crowd likes, because that's who TNA appeals to at this point (btw, I'm not hating; I'm part of that old WCW crowd and I've actually enjoyed that last episode or two of Impact). Remember, it was the WCW crowd that crapped all over Master P and the No Limit Soldiers (or was it Souljas) in favor of Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, and the West Texas Rednecks (anyone else find it ironic that WTR leader Curt Hennig was the only member of the group outside of Curly Bill, who was barely a member, who wasn't from west Texas?).

    It's a smart move if you're trying not to blow your whole fortune not to bring everybody in for TV if they're not being used, a reality that WWE doesn't need to worry about and WCW never learned.

    I'm really glad that they're getting out of the Impact Zone, even if it's just for Slammiversary or other PPV's. The IZ is great, but getting away from it for big events make them feel like big events. I hope they get someplace good, although I doubt New York or Chicago is on the plate. I could see Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, even as far west as New Orleans/Baton Rouge or Dallas/Houston. It will probably be somewhere in the Southeastern U.S. (old Jim Crockett/WCW territory), though.

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  13. I should have that friendly award.

    In fact I should be having the Wrestling Enthuasist award but that was given to seabs AGES ago when he hade like one post in the wrestling sections compared to me when I have a thousand threads around the Wrestling sections and yet I won't receive it.
  14. I got the award when I was on about 4500 posts.....
  15. Nice post. But I have to disagree with one point, the IZ isn't great. It's so bad, it makes TNA feel like an empty house show.

    Considering I gave him that award last week I'm guessing he didn't have one or two posts. You shouldn't have the friendly award at all, and if you stop complaining and actually keep contributing to the wrestling sections you might get it. Asking for awards/complaining about not getting them reduces your chances.
  16. Oh yes I should.
  17. You're right, you're the most friendly user here who never argues with others.
  18. You also have a friendly award, that doesn't erase the fact JeebaK hats ya.:laugh:

    Anywayz, this is little off topic, but the hell with it. It ain't the first time.

    Zamorakian, you're obviously not only mad at me and hatin' me, which is btw totally random, not explained, RANDOM, confusing and stupid. There are only three reasons I can think of:

    I'm a TNA mark aka not WWE mark,
    This is WWEForums,
    I think Punk is bitching most of the time and sticks his nose everywhere.

    To all of that I have proper answers, I can give legit reasons why you're looking as an absolute tool and a complete douche because of it, but I won't even bother because you obviously have some problems that are not discussable ATM. So when you have a bit of time, chill out, discuss and share your hatin' and whining with me and/or us.

    Ended discussion about Zamorakian until his gets his balls back. You're welcome.
  19. I stuck up for you :cry:
  20. Pal, didn't I tell ya? That's why you're back in STEINER club. #Perchances of you getting kicked out again are at minimum now, too. I think about minus 141%. 6/7. :steiner:

    BUT, and there's always but, there is STILL a couple of facts:

    Jeebak hatin'
    Zamo hatin' (plus bitching)

    The rest writes itself.... Haters gunna hate, my mate. :bury:

    #ComeAtUs #BringItBitches #HashtagsAreGettingOldaBit
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