Tony Dawson

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. The new commentator..

    I don't know what to make of this guy.
    He really doesn't come over as a commentator to me. It's just.. Fake.
    It's like he's reading the lines right of a paper.

    Actual quote from Superstars:

    ''His knee! HE IS HOLDING HIS KNEE!''

    Wtf.. :mad2:

    What's your pick on this man?
  2. I like him.

    He's young, he's new and he seems enthusiastic. When listening to him I think he is actually excited by what he is seeing and what is going on. He's green but he is also young. He will grow. WWE officials also like him.
  3. He sucks, you're right it looks like he reads what he's saying...
  4. But the thing is, he's green as fuck indeed.. But why is he doing commentary already? Look at how Cole just was an interviewer for years..

    Imo it's a little too soon.
  5. The main thing about him is just that, he's very green, but he shows enthusiasm and I don't think he's that bad tbh, considering everything. He just needs experience and seasoning, he'll become very good.
  6. He oversells everything, but hey. He's got a great voice and seems to be really enthusiastic about the product, what's not to love (considering he's in developmental)?
  7. He's terrible, but he's in the right place. If he was on RAW I'd say shove him on the development shows and get him some practice.
  8. He's doing commentary already because he's doing commentary in development, so he can develop as a commentator. NXT should feel like the place for developing stars, not out fault that WWE hires wrestlers ready for the main roster and keeps them there for one or two years more than they should.
  9. He fucking sucks. Oh and if you even say one thing about him on twitter you get blocked, plain and simple. I said "Who the fuck is this Tony Dawson guy? He's no Scott Stanford." And the asshole blocked me.
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