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  1. Is there any wrestler on the WWE roster (both main and developmental) that you think is getting ridiculously overhyped? In this thread I figured we could discuss the danger of being overhyped, how it can damage a career and how you could see wrestlers work around it.

    At the moment I think Paige is suffering from too much hype down in NXT. Mind you she is a very talented girl but she is being hyped by the internet as the savior of women's wrestling and having her on the main roster is somehow going to solve every single problem there is with this particular branch of wrestling. Paige is very young, having yet turned 21 and while she is a solid wrestler she needs some more work on her mic skills in my opinion. Neither of her promos on NXT have been very convincing, especially the one where she was supposed to be in a rage, which sounded more like a whiny kid.

    She's also an internet darling, having wrestled for Shimmer before going to the E so she has that hype machine behind her.

    Currently I'd say she needs to spend some more time in NXT, working on her mic skills and character some more and finding other divas to work well with, because no one can carry a division entirely by themselves. And also not rush it.

    Who do you think are overhyped right now?

    How can they work around it?
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  2. In general, I try not to pay any attention to the hype because I don't want expectations to get too high. I tried not to listen to any of the hype that Dean Ambrose had around him before he came in because I was afraid he wouldn't live up to it. I even saw some of his 'psychotic' promos from his days in the Indies and thought he was good but not nearly as great as people were making him out to be. (I think a lot of it for me has to do with my personality - not being as impressed by a lot of things as easily as most people are.)

    I'm also trying not to listen to the hype that a guy like Bray Wyatt has right now because I might end up underwhelmed there, too. I like the two promos I've heard that people posted but I'm trying not to form a complete idea of him or how well he'll do until he debuts. Paige is hot, that's the only reason I care to see her on the show. I have not a care in the world for women's wrestling.
  3. Yeah totally agree on Paige. She doesn't really have a character down on NXT. She's cut some good promos (think the last one was awesome), her work's great and her body's amazing... but the Divas' division is beyond repair and there's nothing she can do to salvage it.

    Emma's quickly heading that way. Her quirky gimmick is awesome but will they keep it that way?
  4. Every wrestler signed from the indies - Sami/Moxley/Hero/Castonogoli/Danielson/ETC (delete as appropriate). It seems to be whenever the E signs a guy from the indies his flaws are forgotten and he becomes the saviour.
  5. Agreed. Paige's last promo was her best. But as you said there is a severe lack of character for her. I would actually credit that her last promo was so good on the fact that it built on Summer Rae and their rivalry. Summer whilst not as good a wrestler as Paige has a better character and overall feel to her and helps solidify this cat fight rivalry.
  6. True.

    Another thing I've noticed is that when the E signs an independent guy they take a longer time to become a success than a guy they build from scract. Cena became a success in like 3 years but it took Punk 6 years with the company. It seems like the independent guys have more obstacles to overcome as if Vince is telling them "Okay you came in here with some hype, now live up to it and prove to me what you can do". Other prime examples of this is Daniel Brian and Chris Jericho.
  7. I don't really know, I know a lot of wrestlers tend to be over hyped when they come from the indies, and others under hyped when they're not. I tend to ignore these things, since the hype comes from the generic IWC crowd, and they are just sheep. I think Ambrose had a little to much hype over his ring work, but I do enjoy his segments a lot. Daniel Bryan is more of the opposite, even though I think he's great at promos now, I was enjoying his matches but not really in tuned with his promos and whatnot until his interactions with AJ. Ohno is a good wrestler, but I think he could shape up his mic skills more, along with Sami since he's going to have to adjust to WWE's ways.
  8. Do you know anything about her gimmick from back in FCW? Know she was intended to be heel but the crowd turned her face, and she's known as the "anti-diva"... seems like there are things you can do with that, but not sure if Paige is the girl to do it with.
  9. Her FCW gimmick was just as devoid of character from what I can gather. But since she was a heel she was doing the typical Beth Phoenix thing. Only the rest of the divas were bigger than her and her sidekick (Ivelize from Gutcheck).
  10. Well alot of his time in WWE was spent not being used or essentially going to be released. Are you counting his S.E.S run as a success because he got alot of real hate from that :emoji_grin:
  11. I think part of that is because of the whole WCW/WWE thing. Whenever a big name from WCW or WWE went to the others show, even ECW got a reaction, people would pop. Punk got a decent pop for his debut, but I think Vince expected a lot from a big name from the indies. Also, adjusting to the WWE way must be a little difficult though, and since Vince expects that these guys will be over, he doesn't help them as much as homegrown talent.
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