Too much in one show or not?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. I have seen some posts complaining that RAW 1000 seems to have too much and that it's all being crammed together. Personally, I'm optimistic about it (shocker) as one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- complaint I have about RAW is filler segments. Every segment it seems at RAW 1000 will have a meaning. I doubt we'll see Big Show bury the tag-team division, I doubt we'll see Brodus Clay squash JTG, I doubt we'll see Santino talking about his cobra.

    What do you think?
  2. There will be too much for everything to have a meaning IMO, I'm expecting a lot of segments just cramming the names in.
  3. I agree. This is the biggest show ever, it is the 1000th show and what a line up we have. It will be very exciting to watch and we won't have anything stupid hopefully, apart from that wedding of course, so I think it will be all good.
  4. Yeah I agree, I hate matches that have no meaning at all, just to squash somebody, we won't get any of that.
  5. Well, I just hink we'll have filler segments which involve legends. Less fillers, but I think we could see one or two.
  6. I think we'll see legends come out a few times, a couple of times in matches, I actually expect to see a past superstars vs current superstars tag team match also. Then Heath facing maybe two legends. The WWE Championship match looks like it'll take probally half an hour, and the wedding possibly will take another 30 minutes, so I guess in reality they have about 2 hours to work with.
  7. I don't care for the handful of legends that they're trying to cram in there, except for Rock and Shawn Michaels, since they are sure to be involved in angles at least. Plus, we're getting Cena/Punk, a new GM, a wedding angle that is sure to have some sort of twist (otherwise it will be complete shit), etc. That's enough for me, especially since I'll be watching on Youtube and thus can skip commercials and any shit I don't care for.
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