Too nice for my own good

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. My new years plans are ruined since mum going out and wants me to babysit. At fist I yolo rejected her like back off nigga but brother wants me there instead of this hoe babysitter, so looks like my new years plans are to stay at mums with my brother on the pc. Fuck new years anyway, too mainstream. Am I right fellow hipsters? @Dolph'sZiggler @deth @Rysenberg

    What's your plans anyway people?
  2. Is there only 1 babysitter in Cornwall? Wouldn't take that shit.
  3. I'm throwing a new years bash for 200 of my closest friends. what a loser @Crayo
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  4. dinner at aunts house and then star wars with 5 year old cousin
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  5. There's only 10 people in cornwall.
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  6. My friends wanna go to Niagara Falls and I was like, "that place will be Jam packed!" Also, if we did go I'd want to go to the Casino. Never been there before. Don't know what I'm doing until today or tomorrow. Weather is pretty rough here as well, so not sure.
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  7. lol yeah. north > south.
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  8. I am doing nothing. I don't celebrate it out of choice. I am not into parties or booze or stuff like that so there isn't much a point. I usually just do normal stuff and treat it like any other day.
  9. I'm hoping to have a few drinks, otherwise, fuck it.
  10. Sadly we have the same problem lol. Was planning on throwing a party, but my parents are going out, so I'm watching my siblings. Pretty much gonna be on the forums here.
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  11. I probably won't do anything this year besides hanging around the forum, and catching up on some TV shows.
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  12. I'm going to a nightclub, dancing poorly to bad music, going home alone.
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  13. Absolutely nothing. Jealous of Stopspots plans though :sad1:
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  14. Ummm ditto
  15. Getting plastered with family. Plenty of drunk pics will be on my Instagram
  16. Probably nothing NYE is a pointless celebration.
  17. Xbox and Forums.
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  18. Aunties to get steaming
  19. Will that its taco night make you more jelly?
  20. Doing nothing besides watching Breaking Bad and having a very sexual relationship with Harrison Ford.
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