Toonami Reveiw of 11-30-13 and or 12-1-13!

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  2. Bleach is still an ongoing manga so they might pick it up again in anime. Even Code Geass. Code Geass hasn't ended yet, they still make it.

    As for One Piece, it's about to get really good in the next 2 or 3 episodes. Also, the english voice actors were chosen by the person who made One Piece.
  3. no one peice voice actor were different when 4kids own it then fundation took over and that change the voice actor. as for code geass the show is over. the ownly leavre is the move which fundation has pick but there no word yet when its coming out yet? Bleach cannel year year.
  4. The voice actors change because 4Kids went out of business and when Funimation licensed it, the creator of One Piece came and did the auditioning.

    The way how anime works is that the original format is Manga. And then the manga turns into anime.
    If you search any anime, it'll show up and you can read it picture form. Code Geass and Bleach are still an ongoing thing, it's just in manga form. If it gets popular, they'll make an anime for it.

    See, it's still ongoing.
  5. no 4kids had the own voice actor and Funimation had there when that took that use there voice actor. that why there dbz voice actor. And that just manga that does mean going to become part of seris that made. that own have lictse the code geass the movie.
  6. That's because most English anime is licensed by Funimation. Dragonball Z was dubbed by Ocean and Funimation, Naruto, Bleach, all of them are done by Funimation.

    Look at the guy who voiced Goku and how many other voices he did.
  7. and the voice actor was changed b/c of it.
  8. They use their own companies voices.
  9. Ocean dubbing for DBZ was fucking gold.
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