Top 10 Canadian Wrestlers of All time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 29, 2013.

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    How would you order the top 10 Canadian Wrestlers of All time?

    1.) Bret Hart- not the best IMO, but the greatest. Plus if you didn't put Hart #1 your list would be considered invalid by Canadians, so there he is.

    2.) Jericho- He and Benoit are so close, so I used the fact that Jericho didn't kill his wife, child and himself as the tiebreaker

    3.) Benoit- Best technical wrestler of the 90s (at least in America). Most intense wrestler I've ever seen. Some of my favorite wrestling memories are watching Benoit triumph (Royal Rumble victory, WM title win)

    4.) Roddy Piper- The Ying to Hogan's Yang when wrestling blew up in the 80s

    5.) Owen Hart- I'm not going to hold his lack of kayfabe credentials against him. Owen represents everything that is great about wrestling IMO. He always entertained me whatever he was doing

    6.) Lance Storm- I put him this high for being such a damn proud Canadian. I remember hating him as a kid with his Canadian flag and championship belts. Excellent ring technician

    7.) Edge/Christian- while both have gone on to differing levels of success after they stopped tagging, I'll always remember them for their time as a team. One of the GOAT tag teams for certain and they helped revolutionize the business

    8.) El Generico- I'm being a bit prophetic with this and predicting big things for "Samy Zayn" (I'll call him Samy Zayn when that's what he is recognized by on Wikipedia). He reminds me of Owen in his intangible embodiment of everything that is great about wrestling

    9.) Kevin Steen- Only a matter of time before he is in WWE. He probably shouldn't be considered for this type of list yet, but I'm a fanboy. deal with it

    10.) Alex Silva- The future of TNA Wrestling, I wake up every morning and praise Allah for blessing that company with such a superstar in the making. Thank god for gutcheck is all I have to say. They produce the best talents ever on that segment
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  2. Testify
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    1. Bret
    2. Jericho
    3. Edge
    4. Benoit
    5. Owen
    6. Storm
    7.Bobby Roode
    8. Steen
    9. Christian
    10. Petey Williams

    Hon. Mentions Pat Patterson, Generico and Val Venis
  4. Piper is the greatest heel of all time IMHO so he has to go above Bret, yes I am expecting to be maple syruped to death.

    1) Piper
    2) Owen Hart
    3) Jericho
    4) Bret Hart
    5) Edge
    6) Christian
    7) Benoit
    8) Corino
    9) Trish
    10) Storm

    Haven't included Steen or Generico just because I'm going on overall careers and those guys are still at the beginning of theres.
  5. Steen will never be in WWE :pity2:
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  6. This, that fat fuck sucks dick.
  7. 1. Chris Jericho
    2. Edge
    3. Bret Hart
    4. Christian
    5. Bobby Roode
    6. Chris Benoit
    7. Roddy Piper
    8. Owen Hart
    9. Lance Storm
    10. Kevin Steen

    Just my personal one.
  8. Also, fuck all of you for not including Roode.

  9. TNA marketing, even the smarks forget about our best talent.

  10. Brilliant insight brethren.

  11. I sort of do feel like a clown now. Damn.
  12. Why thank you good sir. I spent a good hour thinking up a great high quality response that would surely inhibit further discussion on your topic.

  13. Nah but really doe what makes you say that? Steen will be in NXT sooner rather than later, it is inevitable at this juncture.
  14. WWE doesn't like fat people. I've noticed that guys built like Steen hardly exist in the WWE anymore. He's also a pretty edgy character and I'm not sure if WWE would be for that. I try to imagine Steen doing a Make-A-Wish thing or even like some sort of celeb thing and I just don't see it. Other than being a great wrestler I don't see him having anything else that WWE tends to look for.
  15. Fair enough, a lot of folks feel that way. Time will tell
  16. Oh fuck, I did forget Roode, editing now.

  17. I think Steen and Wyatt are about the same size, and last time I heard Steen can do things Wyatt dreams about not only on the microphone but in the ring.
  18. Steen will be in the WWE sooner rather than later. He has multiple friends in the company in both high and low positions. WWE are also much more high on independent talent than before despite their looks. They signed El Generico who people said didn't have the look. They signed Daniel Bryan, who didn't have the look, and they just signed Sami Callihan who doesn't have the look.

    Steen has also been losing weight recently (if at a slow pace) and he has also said his goal is to get to the big leagues now and he has no interest in TNA. Chances of him ending up in WWE are certainly higher than they were 2 years ago.
  19. I'm guessing you don't know me.

  20. The same Seabs from WF..but I just read your first post, I've got it you kept them off due to their careers I see.
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