Top 10 Favorite Dragonball(Z) Characters

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    Fuck it, here's another list. This list includes what the character was like in both Dragonball and Dragonball Z, unless I make them in to two different characters because they change enough. This in no way is going to sound intellegent, but these are legit picks.

    Eh, he's not everyone's favorite but I liked him, in perfect form anyway. Total dick, had motivation (to become perfect) and when he achieved that goal, he still ran in to an obstacle in most spiked up hair out of anyone Gohan. Most memorable moment for me was when he absorbed Android 18 after Krillen (and the audience) started to like her, that was well done. Fuckin' asshole.
    9. Goku
    Goku 9th?! LIST IS INVALID AND YOU HAVE NO MERIT ABOUT LIFE IN GENERAL. No, I do like Goku, he's on this list twice. As an adult, Goku carried mostly all of his traits as a child over, but he lost his innocence and while still remaining a loveable character, he lost some charm. It seems like the centre piece of these types of animes are always a little brain dead but they posess a heart of gold and Goku is obviously no expection, he's a pioneer in shonen anime. I don't know how you can watch DBZ and no like Goku, every other character in the show is written to contrast with Goku, so if you don't like him, you're an idiot.
    8. Master Roshi
    With Master Roshi, they took the typical and stereotypical martial arts teacher/master character and added their own ridiculous spin on it. I like Master Roshi because he makes me laugh, but he's not too over the top as he's shown, at various times, that he does care about what is happening to his friends when their in danger. I loved the initial training he did with Goku and Krillen because it was a reflection of what his character was like when he's trying to actually do something useful for the story. When I saw how that whole arc unfolded, I really started to take a liking to his character, he's essentially always in control of every situation and can make judgement calls on whether or not he should show real concern about something. Because of this, when he acts like a complete goof, you can safely enjoy his antics.
    7. Frieza
    To put it simply, Frieza is one of the best villans in anime history. He's completely remorseless, he takes to extreme measures to protect himself from potential threats and probably most importantly, he is consistant until the very end. His consistancy is what sets him apart from a lot of other villans and what I think was the most brilliant way of getting people to hate him. When you're faced with a villan like this, any sign of "good" within the character is always something the audience wants, everyone wants the happy ending. By constantly dening the audience of any sort of character change, he becomes completely hated piece of trash that no one wants to see succeed. I think he was beautifully written and was cemented as an all time great villan by his final act of villanly. I don't have to explain how insane it is that Frieza made Goku hate him so much, his character completely resents that behavior. But even after everything Frieza did, Goku STILL tried to help him by giving a small portion of his energy. What did Frieza do? Well, with half a body left, laying on his death bed, HE TRIED TO KILL GOKU WITH HIS OWN ENERGY LOL. He's a consistant ruthless son of a bitch and I love him.
    6. The Great Saiyaman
    How do I explain this one? lol during the writers attempt at trying to give Gohan some depth in his late teen years, they came up with this! The Great Sayaman wasn't a character that meant anything to the story and no one likes him, but dammit I thought he was hilarious. I'm not a fan of Gohan, he never clicked with me during the show, this however I found to be entertaining. TGS saga was a light hearted filler that wasn't meant to be taken seriously by anyone, I enjoyed it, he reminded me of how Captain Falcon is portrayed in Super Smash Bros, he's a goof that thinks he's very highly of himself.
    5. Piccolo
    Finally, someone normal eh? As a whining side kick that is powerless to save anyone, I don't like Piccolo. As a badass that belittles his opponents, I think he's pretty awesome. We were introduced to Piccolo in Dragonball after his father graciously spat him out as Goku was about to kill him. We were introduced to a living Piccolo at the last world tournament that took place in Dragonball and my god, was he ever awesome. He does everything in his power to defeat Goku and makes sure everyone knows how much he enjoys beating the shit out of him, kind of like how Frieza was. Once Dragonball Z started, he became what us wrestling folk would call a tweener, he helped out the good guy but it was for a common cause opposed to helping out as a friend. Together, Goku and Piccolo awesomely disposed of Raditz, as a result of this however, Goku died as he told Piccolo to shoot a hole through his chest. The gang learned that Vegeta and Napa Auto Parts were on their way to earth to kill everyone, because of this, Piccolo was forced to train Gohan, although he saw what power Gohan had and so he knew there was potential. Piccolo grows more in to his role and a good guy during this training, he tries to keep his cold image on the outside, but he knows internally (and so do we) that he starts to care for Gohan and hates that he has to treat a child like crap. Vegeta and Nappa show up, Piccolo dies saving Gohan, face turn complete. We all love him at this point and moves on to become friends with everyone.
    4. Oolong
    I thought explaining Saiyaman was going to be tough... here we go! Oolong, what do I say about this guy? His reign of being an actual villan lasts 10 minutes and then he becomes a side kick... which is where he shines. Dragonball was a very light hearted show and Oolong brought somewhat of an edge to the show. He was cynical, ill-tempered, perverted and cowardly, but that was all used in a comic relief role which made for a really good side kick to a innocent and clueless Goku and a sycophantic (big word!) and cunning Bulma. I really enjoyed watching Oolong, he made me laugh a lot and I think he was a brilliant addition to the DB cast. Best Oolong moment hands down was during the arc with Emperor Pilaf. It was an extremely tense moment in the show, Goku transformed in to Donkey Kong and was no longer in control of himself, Pilaf had gathered all of the Dragonballs and the good guys were helpless to do anything. BUT! My boy Oolong ran in to battle and at the last second, he saved the world by wishing for panties and thus using the one wish given by Shenron. So dumb.
    3. Mr Satan AKA Hercule
    If Kurt Cobain was alive in 2002, he would have re-named his David Bowie cover to "The Man Who Saved The World" because of Hercule. This character is amazing, we first see him as this cocky snob who claims to be the best fighter in the world. We then see what he's really like then his legions of fans egg him on to go and kill Cell, he ends up being a lying coward. Like that matters! He still manages to keep his image ailve by making these RIDICULOUS covers for his obvious flaws. In actuality however, he's a kind hearted guy that does care about things other than himself and I really enjoyed how well all of these traits were juggled throughout his life in the show. Hercule was able to envoke every cliche emotion from the audience. He could make you laugh, hate him, feel sorry/bad, happy, sad etc etc, the good stuff. I enjoyed every aspect of his character and he was a bright spot in what was a weak Buu saga.
    2. Vegeta
    Vegeta is the best character in Dragonball Z. I don't know how I'm going to fit this all in to a couple paragraphs but I'll give it a shot. The reason I hold Vegeta in such high regard is because of how much his character develops throughout the entire show, they consistantly add a new dimension to his character every arc and it's very refreshing. You start off hating him (fight with Goku), then you feel sympathy for him (Frieza (the dick) kills him), then he becomes the hero (Goku dies, Vegeta to the mf'in rescue), then he becomes a full on good guy, then he kills a bunch of people, gets an "M" on his forhead and you hate him again! But that's not all! He tugs at your heartstings once again by sacrificing himself for his son even after being a douche and finally, he's back to being a good guy. Like I explained with Frieza, viewers always want to find good in every character, it's just human nature to want to like someone. Unlike Frieza, Vegeta gives us what we want, he allows himself to become a good person, but at the same time, he never changes his initial beliefs and attitude, he just tones it down. His pride and lust for power over arcs everything, regardless of whether he is wearing a pink shirt and hanging out with his family, he's fighting Goku or he's fighting the main villan, he keeps to his morals, which could almost be considered worse for us as viewers because we never know if it's safe to invest in him as a good guy, it's just good writing.
    1. Kid Goku
    TA DA! My all time favorite Dragonball(z) character is Kid Goku! Goku was an amazing protagonist, there was absolutely nothing you could hate about him, they made Goku with the intention of making sure that he could never be hated. Goku was a pioneer, his character set the stage for characters like Luffy and Naruto, they were making history with this character. He was young, innocent, powerful, selfless and clueless, they surrounded him with characters that were anything but that and that my friends, is genius. Basically, Goku represented us, we as an audience were also clueless to the world inside of Dragonball, so as he learned, so did we. So when he overcame an obstacle, it felt like he was doing it for us and because of that, we loved him. Who could cheer against such a good person? He did what he felt was right and never strayed, there was never any danger of him becoming evil and that assurance is what made him such a good character. As he met more friends, they took a liking to him, regardless of what they were like, Goku represented innocence and purity, something every character he meets lacked. Then as he defeated guys like Yamcha and Tien, instead of resenting Goku, they became his friend because even they, the villan, took a liking to him. As a result of that, the next villan in his path looked even worse, it was just brilliantly executed. Unlike this paragraph... but anyway, that's Goku. He was the perfect protaigonist and he will continue to influence the characters of the future.

    I'm too scared to proof read this so screw it, I was up until 4am writing and I still didn't finish lol I hope what I said made sense, if not... well most of you won't read it anyway so like that matters! lol thanks for reading!

    - Kooldip
  2. Lol they start out as little descriptions to full on character analysis', OH WELL.
  3. 10.Mr.Satan
    6.Master Roshi
    5.Piccolo (original)
    4.Teen Gohan
    3.Future Trunks
    1.Piccolo (Z)
  4. 1. Frieza
    2. Gohan
    3. Trunks
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