Top 10 Favorite Theme Songs

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. Been a while, hope you're all doing well! I basically started to despise talking about wrestling this year because of how poor this community is most of the time. So, I stopped posting because I had nothing to offer and that's just not fair to people who actually like to participate in quality discussions.

    Sob story aside, let's list some damn tunes.


    10. Doink (1993)

    This was actually genius, if they had capitalized on this idea in the 80's, the money would have been pouring out of Hogan's sweat glands. Unfortunately, 1993 was not the time for this character, it was looked at as one dimensional. The song itself is really creepy and dark, but I'm weird and I find it really calming and soothing.

    9. Phil "The Thrill" Brooks (2011)

    This song was already a classic, but paring it with The Straight Edge Soup Savant was an excellent idea. I would be elated to see Punk come out to this for his UFC entrances, although I'm pretty sure he wants to remove anything WWE related from his life.

    8. Sycho Sid (1996)

    Sid fucking sucks. He's a horrible worker, terrible promo guy and his acting skills are laughable. However! He was given an outstanding theme song during his run in WWE. It's haunting but badass at the same time, which is, I think, what they were going for with Sid. His entrance was pretty cool as well, but the bell rang, that was forgotten.

    7. Brian Pillman (1996)

    Bit of a reoccurring theme going on here, I like darker music. Pillman's theme song is pretty crazy, it has an awesome intro of his name being said very chillingly, it then jumps in to a frantic cliche horror part and then goes in to a jazz inspired bit with a sax and piano. Unfortunately, WWE was having some serious audio issues back in the day because you can barely hear his theme song during RAW and PPV's. Kind of unforunate, it was a great theme song.

    6. Mankind (1996)

    I seem to have a hard on for 1996. Yet another creepy track delivered by the basement dwelling Jimmy Johnston... I suppose that explains some of these. What sets this head and shoulders above the rest is that Mankind was given an outro theme song! I couldn't find a clip of it for some reason, but you should be able to find it. I LOVED that idea and I wish it was used again today. Both of his first theme's were great and they added a lot to the character.

    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin (1997)

    Oh baby, the bass is real. I definitely prefer this version of his theme song to the mix they made in late 98, it sounded too clean. This theme song was so perfectly put together, it has different phases that pick up as the song progresses and the intro became iconic and a phenomenon of its own.

    4. Taz (00)

    Fucking badass. I thought his ECW theme song was good, but this is outstanding. It's such a shame his career went the way it did once he went to WWE, because they hit this one out of the park. The pace is perfect and the tones used put this way over the top. Good job, Jimbo!

    3. The Rock (99)

    Perfect intro, very well put together and an awesome guitar solo. The Rock went through 807 theme song variations from 1996 until 2011, this one is still the best. This theme song is what the late 90's WWE was all about, it was exciting and it was loud. The pace of their show dictated how you viewed and felt whist watching it and because of theme songs like this, it was super easy for people to get pumped up about the product. I feel like current theme songs like Dean Ambrose' are keeping fans from reacting like they want to. It sounds silly, but his theme song is so cheesy and farcical even that people aren't able to connect the way they would like to. I'm sure that's wrong in most of your eyes, but that's how I perceive it.

    2. Kane (97)

    This theme song has so many layers to it, I really think it's unappreciated. The spectrum of unique sounds and effects used in this song is incredible and because Kane wasn't able to speak, they needed it to be that way. It sounds evil, dark, twisted and every other adjective you can think of related to those words. The pyro and lighting did even more to enhance Kane's entire presentation and because of that, he was taken seriously (minus the stupid powers he was given) and the crowds didn't revolt against such an unrealistic idea.

    1. The Undertaker (99)

    Speaking of evil! Here is my all time favorite theme song! This rendition of The Undertaker's theme song is easily the greatest theme song of all time. The Undertaker's character was never considered one to be legitimately evil or scary. He was created and used in ways that were always friendly to the general audience, which is why he was always a babyface. Then 1999 rolled around and times changed, they decided to pull the trigger and turn him in to a legitimate horror heel (I made that term up). I don't need to go over all of the events, but they were doing some really dark things with his character, cutting his wrists and having Mideon drink the blood being the darkest. Of course, because of the shift in character, he needed a change in music. The old funeral dirge wasn't going to cut it anymore and at WM15, the world was introduced to his new theme song. The gong was no longer people friendly, it was now distorted and grotesque and it also involved him reciting some demonic sounding passage in Gaelic. The rest of the song featured an array of instruments, most prevalent being (what I've interpreted to be) a violin. It's an excellent theme song and I hope old Jimmy J is proud of this one, because I love it.

    Hope this isn't too long and I hope it was an ok read. The range of my lexicon was unfortunately exposed during this lol DON'T JUDGE ME.


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    Good idea for a thread, bro! I've been thinking of doing this for a while now, but never really got around it. Cheers!

    I'll definitely post my list when I have the time, but I don't think all of us should be posting links... Because if we all start putting links up, this page is gonna get all messy and slow.
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    1. Edge - Metalingus - This will forever be my favorite theme song. It was made by my all time favorite band for my all time favorite superstar!

    2. CM Punk - Cult Of Personality

    3. Ethan Carter III - Trouble

    4. Bray Wyatt - Live In Fear

    5. Kevin Steen - Unsettling Differences

    6. Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy

    7. Triple H - The Game

    8. Randy Orton - Burn In My Light

    9. Adam Cole - Something For You

    10. Chris Benoit - Whatever

    - Honorable mentions:

    CM Punk - This Fire Burns
    Kane - Slow Chemical (The only good thing about Kane, like ever. lol)
    Batista - I Walk Alone
    Stardust - Written In The Stars
    Drew McIntyre - Broken Dreams
    Jeff Hardy - Loaded (by Zack Tempest) and No More Words (by EndeverafteR)
    The Rock - Electrifying
    Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me
    Bret Hart - Return Of The Hitman
    Mark Henry - Some Bodies Gonna Get It
    The Miz - I Came To Play
    Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection
    The Nexus - We Are One
    Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing
    Christian - Just Close Your Eyes
    Enzo Amore - SAWT Is A Sin
    Tyler Breeze - #MMMGorgeous
    Bad News Barrett - Rebel Son
    Sheamus - Written In My Face
    Sami Zayn - Worlds Apart (It's so generic-o, but fits his entrance so well)
    James Storm - Cut You Down
    Aces & Eights - Deadman's Hand
    Daniel Bryan - Flight Of The Valkyries
    Finn Bálor - Catch Your Breath
    AJ Styles - Evil Ways
    The New Day - New Day, New Way
    Chris Jericho - Break The Walls Down
    Willow - In Willow's Way
    Mankind - Schizophrenic
    Dean Ambrose - Retaliation (This is such a crappy song, but Ambrose makes it special every time he comes out. It's always a different entrance)
    nWo - Rockhouse
    DX - Break It Down
    Lita - LoveFuryPassionEnergy
    Paige - Stars In The Night
    AJ Lee - Let's Light It Up

    - There's a helluva lot more I could post, but let's just leave it the way it is.
  4. :annoyed:

    awesome thread, will get my list up soon.
  5. Off the top off my head I'd go with;

    1.Chris Benoit's last theme
    2.Triple H- King of Kings
    3.Undertaker- You're Gonna Pay
    4.Chris Jericho
    5.Christain- Waterproof Blonde's version
    6.Edge - Never Gonna Stop
    8.Hollywood Rock
    10.Razor Ramon

    If I thought about it more some would probable be listed differently, or just replaced completely.
  6. 1.) nWo Original
    2.) Hulk Hogan
    3.) Undertaker Original
    4.) Real Americans
    5.) Wyatt Family
    6.) Mr. Perfect
    7.) Crow Sting Original
    8.) Vader WCW Theme
    9.) Yokozuna theme
    10.) Drew Mcintyre theme

    I thought of these on the fly so it might be pretty shitty.
  7. Break the Walls Down, Endeverafter; No More Words (Jeff Hardy's), Cult Of Personality, Quiet on the Set/Awesome (Hollywood Miz), Real American, Sting's Original, Smoke and Mirror's V4 I believe (Cody used it before he became Stardust/Teamed with his bro), Just Close Your Eyes (Christian's) Batista's.. a lot more, no specific order; I like playing some of them at the "jukebox" aka internet tunes machine at the bar I go to a lot of regular wrestling fans there.
  8. Might as well have put up songs you disliked. Would have been easier. Lol
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  9. Yeah, but the list would've been a helluva lot longer, though.
  10. Sorry, bruh. Not a fan of his.
  11. CM Punk killswitch engage - this fire burns is one of my favorite songs. Big fan of kse
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  12. Ditto. It's so powerful, I was hooked from the moment I heard it!
  13. Killswitch engage - end of heartache

    Let me know what you think
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  14. It's absolutely brutal.
  16. Yeah, they're also amazing live.
  17. 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra for Ric Flair. The perfect pairing of wrestler and theme.

    2. "Final Countdown" for Daniel Bryan/ Brian Danielson. Yeah I know he doesn't use it in WWE, but I don't care. When I was a teenager, I always thought if I ever became a pro wrestler, this would have been my theme.

    3. Waylon Mercy theme. One of the best themes for one of my favorite short lived characters. Spivey's fake accent and the haunting piano solo mesh perfectly. Too bad Spivey was too crippled at this point to wrestle well.

    4. "Eye of the Tiger " for Hulk Hogan. Perhaps if Hogan listened to the lyrics he wouldn't be such a douche.

    5. "Iron Man" the Road Warriors. Perfect song for these guys.

    6. "Perfection" for Mr. Perfect. Love the grandeur.

    7. "Cult of Personality " for CM Punk. I have no idea why this works, but it did.

    8. "Funeral March " the Undertaker. I was never huge on Taker like a lot of people, but in high school I always played myself off as a psychotic kid all dressed in black and obsessed with death. It wasn't goth, because I didn't do the makeup crap or anything. I was just a little 5'6" 130 guy who didn't want to be bullied, so I pretended to be a psychotic to get guys to leave me alone. Ironically, I became popular with the people I was trying to avoid. A lot of this was inspired by the Undertaker and I often played the theme in the hallway to make people think I was weird. I have the Undertaker to thank for all of that... except all of those visits to the school psychologist of course...

    9. "The Game" for HHH. I hate that "King of Kings" song, but this has the perfect sound for a ring entrance.

    10. Friar Ferguson theme. Okay, not really but I wanted to end with something no one but me would remember.
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