Top 10 Least Favorite WWE Superstars

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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a thread somewhere for this but I'm just to lazy to look for it. So here's a list of my least favorite WWE Superstars and why.

    10. Kofi Kingston: Long story short I waited two hours in line to get his autograph and when I was next he left. The person who replaced him was Vance Archer.:upset: I have never been able to forget that to this day. :true:

    9. Jack Swagger: Here's someone who I believe could do a lot with his skills but is lazy. His ring work is at times lazy and sloppy. He has a few good matches here and there but when's the last time anyone has really gotten excited for a Swagger match. On top of that his mic skills suck. I thought I'd give him a chance when he had the World Title but that was one of those most boring runs I've ever seen on Smackdown. Maybe it was WWE's fault for putting him in a rivalry against Big Show who isn't that great either. Even so Swagger hasn't exactly stepped up and him not being able to do his finishing move on Alex Riley has not left my memory.

    8. Mason Ryan: Short and simple. He's a big guy WWE got a boner for gave him a push because they thought he was on the same level as Batista and he failed. He's sloppy in the ring and I'm sure he can't talk because I can't remember I time where he's ever had the mic. I'm glad WWE decided to perfect him instead of pushing him, which is why he is only #8 on this list.

    7. Alberto Del Rio: Destiny, Pesants, Chihuahua, & Hooligans. The four words Del Rio can not go one promo with out saying at least one of them. Del Rio is repetitive in the ring and on the mic. He got the royal rumble and money in the bank push far from when he was ready and he beat Rey Mysterio on his debut. He has skills, but it's like watching the same thing over and over with this guy. He's #7 because he's gotten a bit better since he first showed up.

    6. Heath Slater: The most boring member of Nexus. I wish him and Michael Tarver would switch places. His wrestling is at an average level and he's corny. He also wasted precious moments from my life when he got in the ring with legends leading up to Raw 1000 and he's still on Raw. :eww:

    5. Lord Tensai: Ever here of a superstar named Kenzo Suzuki. The name probably rings a bell but you don't remember him. The reason for that is because they gave him a similar Japanese patriot character. The fact is that character never works, well it did sort of with tajiri and kaientai, but that's cause they were freaking awesome wrestlers. Still they were never pushed to the main tier anyway. My point is a persona based on being strictly japanese has never worked once to the point of someone becoming world champion. Not for Suzuki, not for Tatsu, and certainly not for Tensai. My suggestion would be give Tensai some smoke bombs and ninja stars or just drop the persona. The second reason is Tensai is boring in the ring. Maybe that style of wrestling got over with Japanese fans, but it's not working here. Tensai was good when he was the aggressive Albert. Now his ring work is slow paced and boring. On a side note, what's up with all that heavy breathing. That bothers the hell out of me, worse than when Tyson Kidd had those pubes on his forehead.

    4. The Great Khali: Another one of WWE's hey he looks threatening so lets give him a push instead of someone who deserves it. He can't wrestle, he can't sell, he doesn't know what the fuck is going on in the ring half the time, and he can't even speak english, but yet he'll get more tv time than most superstars. The only reason he isn't number one is because the more he's off tv the further he gets off this list. So keep up the good work Khali by not showing up on WWE programming anymore. In my opinion he's the tall version of who's next on my list...

    3. Hornswoggle: He's a small little midget for the entirety of his career has wasted precious time that could be used for promoting actual wrestlers. If PG WWE is the Legion of Doom (and I mean the DC comics version, not the Road Warriors) he is the Lex Luthor of the group. The only reason he was brought in was to make Finlay look more entertaining. Finlay was a good wrestler, but let's face it, his run in WWE was boring. Hornswoggle just made it pathetic. Now they put away the wrestler and kept the mascot, which makes no sense to me to this day.

    2. John Cena: At one point I was a Cena fan. I had the shirts and merchandise, I was twelve at the time. As time passed I got bored of Raw because Cena had a tight grip on that title. For years it was like Cena wins again and it made me tired of it to the point where I'd stopped watching for a month after more than a decade of watching WWE since I was 3. Luckily I had a crush on a girl who was a wrestling fan and convinced me to watch again otherwise I wouldn't be here. To make a long story short the "Cena Push" made me deter from wrestling and for that I hold my first grudge against the people who pushed him and not Cena himself. The next reason is towards Cena. If you've never seen Cena's debut match against Kurt Angle I encourage you to watch it because you'll wonder wtf happened in the past decade. He used to be a pretty good wrestler and then that all started to change when he got drafted to Raw. Moves weren't added, moves were in fact erased from Cena's repertoire (Any1 remember the "Throwback"). Cena got worse at wrestling as years passed and much more stiff in the ring. His attempt at a dropkick is a leg drop at best. Anyway my last grudge against Cena would be that he is one of the main guys on the pg bull.

    1. Sheamus: He is my least favorite wrestler not. I will admit that Sheamus does have some skills in the ring and mic, but they're decent at best. In my opinion he's what I like to call an upper mid carder. These are people on the mid card, but are noticeable. People like Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Dolph Ziggler are people that are positioned on that level because of their skill. However Sheamus who should be on this level along with them isn't. Sheamus is boring at times and I've never seen one promo that I've liked from him. The only thing he's ever done that I liked was taking the title from Cena and that was only cause Cena had it for way too long. We all know Sheamus is best buddies with Triple H and he's using that to his advantage. Triple H likes to say Sheamus gets opportunities because he's hungry. I would probably say the same if Sheamus has his nose up my ass like he does with Triple H. I'd much rather have someone like Barrett who can wrestle and talk in Sheamus' spot. He had one hell of a spot at the head of Nexus but one of the major problems with that storyline was that he never held the WWE championship. I guess WWE would rather give it to guys who come out of 3rd rank shows that no one knows or cares about.

    Anyway...who's your top 10 least favorite WWE superstars.
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  2. Good thread, nice post. Liked.

    I can't name any superstars I dislike.. I respect them all for achieving what they have achieved today.
  3. You're such a face for that
  4. Vance Archer... Tough luck. :dawg:
  5. :smug:
  6. 10.Alberto Del Rio
    9.The Miz
    8.John Cena
    7.Heath Slater
    6.Cody Rhodes
    5.Lord Tensai
    2.Ric Flair
    1.The Iron Sheik

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  7. 10. Randy Orton- fag
    9.) Randy Orton- Doesn't fulfill commitments when joining Marine Corps
    8.) Randy Orton- too much baby oil
    7.) Randy Orton- ruined Christian's first WHC reign
    6.) Randy Orton- gets boners while wrestling
    5.) Randy Orton- Boring monotone promos
    4.) Randy Orton- lame ass 'surprise' RKOs
    3.) Randy Orton- overpushed as fuck
    2.) Randy Orton- dick head
    1.) Randy Orton- I hate this motherfucker
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  8. As much as i agree with mostly all of this, number 7 really pissed me off.
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  9. Re: RE: Top 10 Least Favorite WWE Superstars


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  10. 1. Randy Orton
    2. John Cena
    3. Kelly Kelly
    4. Hornswoggle
    5. The Great Khali
    6. The Big Show
    7. Mason Ryan
    8. Randy Orton
    9. Santino
    10. Camacho


    And does drugs and is still loved by horny woman throughout the arena :facepalm:
  11. Not enough Orton on your list

    I should add that on my list Kane would be #11. Vickie would be #1 if she counts.


    also I'm not mad at Orton for blowing dank. Honestly if I got the chance I'd smoke a blunt with the dude
  12. I know :sad: and does Linda count as a wrestler :hmm:
  13. He also pretty much stole the Diamond Cutter, if im not mistaken he once shit in a divas bag backstage because he was pissed at her. Guys a piece of shit fag.
  14. The shit story has been confirmed multiple times by wrestlers. He also (used to.. apparently he's better now) be a complete fuckhead to fans. i've heard a story of him stealing a fans camera and then smashing it. for what? you are just an asshole buddy
  15. The move was originally made by Johnny Ace though
  16. Re: RE: Top 10 Least Favorite WWE Superstars

    Wow wtf would he do that?!?! Dude needs his face smashed in literally!!

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  17. 10. Sheamus
    9. John Cena
    8. Alberto Del Rio
    7. Santino
    6. Tensai
    5. Great Khali
    4. Camacho
    3. Hornswoggle
    2. Raquel Diaz
    1. Big Show
  18. So keep up the good work Khali by not showing up on WWE programming anymore.XD
    Sheaums number 1? He hasn't be that far up his ass when he once lost to santino.

    Hornswoggle should be number 1 as he killed light weight division. Buried a f load of people.
    Ruined people's pushes.

    Face it he's crap
  19. 1. Kelly Kelly
    2. John Cena
    3.Randy Borton.
    4. Santino Marella
    5. David Otunga
    6. Big Show
    7. Hornswoggle
    8. Tensai
    9. Great Khali
    10. Epico
  20. 1. Sheamus
    2. Sheamus
    3. Big Show
    4. Lawler
    5. Sheamus
    6. Tensai
    7. Sheamus
    8. Big Show
    9. Sheamus
    10. Khali
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