WrestleMania Top 10 Moments from WM31

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    10 - The Entrances
    9 - Ambrose's Ladder Bump
    8 - Crab Walk vs Sit UP
    7 - Suplex City Bitch
    6 - 76,796 Yes! Chants
    5 - RKO Outta nowhere
    4 - Sting at Wrestlemania
    3 - DX vs NWO
    2 - The Rock & Ronda Rousey vs The Authority
    1 - The Future is Now (MITB Cash In)

    Do you agree with this list? What are you top 10 moments from Wrestlemania 31?
  2. Are those in any specific order? I ask because I don't really consider the Rock/Rousey segment to be any bigger than Sandow turning on Miz.. other than that yeah those are realistically the top moments.
  3. 1-10.) Suplex City, bitch.
  4. Don't agree with number 2. I liked Ronda judo tossing Triple H (O-goshi, if i'm not mistaken), but the entire segment was waaaaay too long and it was really cringy to sit through the rock talking.

    I also don't care for the yes chants, and don't give a shit about sting, even though the whole wcw vs wwe throwback was cool.

    Other then that, it's not really a infuriating list, I did like the entrances(bar john cena, sting and arnold's cameo) and the rko was beautiful. Not having any brock lesnar moments on the list is a crime, doe
  5. For me;
    1) MITB Cash in
    2) Suplex City Bitch
    3) NWO vs DX
    4) Crab Walk vs Sit Up

    There were many great moments this year can't really order them tbh. The vibe of this year's Wrestlemania was definitely 'The Future is Now' and it's great how WWE managed to move the WWE forward with their superstars on the grandest stage and made it so enjoyable to watch. Some examples of this are Crab Walk vs Sit Up Undertaker being the Legend Face of Fear vs New Face of Fear and Future faces of the WWE being Seth Rollins. And 2 matches that young talent were amazing were the IC and Tag Match.
  6. Suplex City
    Brock taking the ringpost legit
    Sting being a loser
    x pac attacking hulk hogan in 2015
    rusev's tank
    watching HHH with trunks on
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