top 10 p4p like list

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. i had an idea for a thread on here basically its using the pound 4 pound method used in boxing to decide who is the best wrestler in the world(in wwe) heres mine
    1 undertaker
    2 the rock
    3 cm punk
    4 brock lesnar
    5 daniel bryan
    6 john cena
    7 chris jericho
    8 dolph ziggler
    9 the miz
    10 hhh

    Let me know your lists and whether you agree or not?
  2. I'm confused.
  3. >everyone posts their top 10
    >see who is #1 the most times, and therefore the "best wrestler ever"
    Poor way to do it imo.
  4. Dumb. I have a really good idea, though.
  5. Dolph's already did something like this but got pissed off and rage quit because people voted for kane
  6. 1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Dolph Ziggler
    3. CM Punk
    4. Chris Jericho
    5. Kofi Kingston
    6. Tyson Kidd
    7. Cody Rhodes
    8. R-Truth
    9. Wade Barret
    10. Santino Marella
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