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  1. In WWE, there have been a lot or good theme songs. What would your top 10 be, current or all time?
    My all time would be
    10. DZ's theme is pretty damn good
    9. Undertaker Ministry theme
    8. Mavens theme song, if anyone still remembers that guy it was awesome
    7. This Fire Burns
    6. Burn in My Light
    5. Stone Cold
    4. Kane's song by finger eleven
    3. Nwo first theme and the wolfpack theme are both good
    2. Benoit
    1. Edges theme song :gusta:

    10. Wyatt's
    9. Ryback (only thing positive I can say about him)
    8. DB
    7. Usos
    6. Mark Henry
    5. HHH
    4. Rhodes
    3. The Shield
    2. Christian
    1. DZ
  2. 10. Stone Cold (Disturbed)
    9. Edge (Metalingus)
    8. Eddie Guerrero (Lie, Cheat and Steal)
    7. Billy Kidman (You can run)
    6. Benoit (Whatever)
    5. Randy Orton (Burn in my light)
    4. Kane (Chemical Slow)
    3. Undertaker (Rollin)
    2. Undertaker (Current)
    1. CM Punk (Fire Burns)
  3. 4. Punk's old theme
    8. Edge
    10. Gangrel
    7. Austin
    6. D'Z theme but the older version of it
    1. Voodoo Child. Hogan used it when he turned face in his return
    2.The Corre/Wade Barrett
    5. Cody Rhodes
    9. Mark Henry
    3. Dudley Boyz 6th theme
  4. Current:
    10.3MB's Current
    9. Dolph Ziggler's
    8. The Shields
    7. Ryback's theme
    6. AJ Lee's "Let's light it up"
    5. Mark Henry
    4. Fandango
    3. Cody Rhodes' "Smoke and Mirrors (2nd version)" (Current)
    2. The Miz
    1. CM Punk's "Cult of personality"
  5. There was a thread made not too long ago about this (except it was top five instead of ten) so out of laziness I searched for that thread and I'm essentially going to copy & paste what I wrote there here. I'll reformat it about to incorporate several of the honorable mentions into the list now that five spots are open. I could barely make five from the current roster then, so I'm not even going to attempt ten there. Rough order . . .

    All-time . . .

    I. Undertaker (any one of his not done by Limp Bizkit are contenders but this one is probably my favorite)
    II. Shawn Michaels (like both versions about equally)
    III. Kane (similar to Undertaker, just about all of his could've made it here).
    IV. Rick Martel (surprisingly, this isn't the only Rick Martel theme that made it onto the list)
    V. Chris Benoit
    VI. Christian (I do like the Story Of The Year's cover, but I find it vastly inferior compared to this version)
    VII. Edge
    VIII. Kurt Angle (the WWECW version was awesome)
    IX. CM Punk (yes, both)
    X. Strikeforce (Strangely, the fact that this is terrible as a theme is a big part of why I rank it this high [also the main reason I limited it to number ten])
    Honorable Mentions (to make up for the lack of current themes, and because I already have it opened): Billy Gunn (yes, both), Hulk Hogan, & Vince McMahon.

    Current . . .

    I. Mark Henry (In fairness, this should at least be in the honorable mentions of all-time)
    II. Jack Swagger
    III. Brock Lesnar
    IV. Um, Punk's.
    V. Um, Curtis Axel (haven't heard the most recent one [he got another version like a week after debuted right?] so I'll just place him here for the time being). Still haven't heard it after all this time unless I was misinformed about him changing.
  6. All time:
    1. Kane's Slow Chemicial theme
    2. Benoit's theme
    3. Evolution's theme
    4. Edge's theme by Rob Zombie
    5. Tazz's theme
    6. Undertaker's Ministry theme
    7. Razor Ramon's theme
    8. Mr.Perfect's theme
    9. Goldberg's theme
    10. nWo/Wolfpack's themes

    1. AJ Styles' theme
    2. Bray Wyatt's theme
    3. Bobby Roode's theme
    4. Jack Swagger's theme
    5. Curtis Axel's theme
    6. Brock Lesnar's theme
    7. RVD's theme
    8. Dolph Ziggler's theme
    9. Mark Henry's theme
    10. The Shield's theme
  7. 1. Rock Hollywood Heel Theme
    2. Sting Crow theme
    3, Edge Metalingus theme
    4. D Generation X theme
    5. Triple H 'My Time' theme
    6. DDP WCW theme
    7. Undertaker ministry theme
    8. Stone Cold Disturbed theme
    9. Test Attitude Era theme
    10. Hardy Boyz theme
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  8. All time:
    10. Goldberg's Theme
    9. Chris Benoit's Theme
    8. Mr. McMahon's Theme
    7. Chris Jericho's Theme
    6. DX Theme
    5. CM Punk's Old Theme (Fire Burns)
    4. Undertaker's Theme
    3. Shawn Michaels' Theme
    2. Edge's Theme
    1. Randy Orton's Old Theme (Burn In My Light)

    10. Dolph Ziggler's Theme
    9. Chris Jericho's Theme
    8. Fandango's Theme
    7. Brock Lesnar's Theme
    6. RVD's Theme
    5. Jack Swagger's Theme
    4. Wade Barrett's Theme
    3. Curtis Axel's Theme
    2. Bobby Roode's Theme
    1. CM Punk's Theme
  9. All time:
    10. NWO
    9. APA
    8. Edge and Christian
    7. Evolution
    6. Edge (Rob Zombie theme)
    5. Lita
    4. Benoit
    3. Stone Cold
    2. DX
    1. HHH (my time)

    10. RVD
    9. Orton
    8. Axel
    7. Kaitlyn
    6. AJ Lee
    5. Lesnar
    4. The Shield
    3. Jericho
    2. Punk
    1. Wyatt Family
  10. 1) CM Punk
    2) Dolph Ziggler
    3) Cody Rhodes
    4) Daniel Bryan
    5) Axel
    6) Wyatt Family
    7) RVD
    8) Lesnar
    9) Bobby Roode
    10) Austin Aries/Chris Sabin (can't decide)
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