Hell in a Cell Top 10 Undertaker Hell in a Cell Moments

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  1. The Mankind vs Taker HITC is one of the most scariest matches I've watched, if blew my mind what Shawn Michaels and Undertaker a few years before, but Mick taking all those bumps, horrible to see.
  2. I've no idea how Foley is still alive
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  3. Taker/Mankind was so awesome.
  4. Would've switched 4 & 3 around but pretty cool list (even if the first three or so entrants aren't really anything to write home about, I'm sure there is something from his match with Lesnar or Triple H that could've been inserted into that list but I'm drawing blanks on specific examples so I'll ignore it). Glad to see them list the chokeslam through the cell (and on the steel chair) over the one they've played to ad nauseam over the years (still a great spot though, don't get me wrong) as number one. The former is easily one of my favorite spots in all of wrestling (the latter is up there too). Likely my favorite unplanned spot, though I can't really think of many that happened and were great.
  5. hanging the big boss man was epic