Top 10 Wrestlers Ever

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  1. An interesting video.

    I have a different list my top 10.

    1. Shawn Michaels
    2. Undertaker
    3. Bret "The Hitman" Hart
    4. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    5. The Rock
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. AJ Styles
    8. Eddie Guerrero
    9. Ric Flair
    10. Hulk Hogan

    Why the reasonably low placing of Flair and Hogan? If you go back and watch a lot of 80's wrestling these days it looks kind of bad and even at the time Hogan was not that good in ring sing very simplistic moves.

    In Flairs case he has spent around 20+ years pissing on his legacy and most of the wrestlers I put above him are better technicians and/or better on the mic and are overall more entertaining.

    Shawn is number one due to entertainment value, mic skills, in ring performance, and high standard of matches at his height and after his 2002 return.

    Bret got a high placing because he could have great matches with anyone and he put over a lot of wrestlers and called a lot of matches. Bret was the one who put over Austin and it was his idea for Austin to bleed.

    Stone cold and Rock are so high due to charisma and draw power. Those 2 were more popular and a bigger draw than Hogan/Flair.

    Chris, AJ and Edddie are above Hogan/Flair as I think they are more charismatic and better in ring and I would rather watch a 20 year old eddie match than a 80's flair match (or Hogan).

    Tempted to drop Hogan or Flair for Macho Man.
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  2. I watched this too, it's a decent top 10 list. I'll have a think about mine and post it.
  3. My top 10 favourite list would probably be a bit different.
  4. lol aj styles
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