Top 10 Wrestlers that WWE Should/ should have use/used better?

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  1. So basically the title says it all. Top 10 wrestlers that wwe couldnt utilize or cant utilize. In no order.

    1)Vladimir Kozlov (Could have been the next Brock. Wasnt only just a power house but had great in ring skills too.)

    2)Christian (Dont waste him as a heel, he will be massive as a face. Give him the US or Tag Title)

    3)Boogy Man (Wasted. His in ring skill wasnt the greatest but his gimmick was pretty kool, could have been the next big heel. Or even a scary face.)

    4)Drew Mcintyre (Should be a main eventer in the coming years, just need more charisma imo, has a great theme song and everything, just need more taunts and gestures)

    5)Goldust (Should have had more IC title reigns. Had a AMAZING gimmick, with a AMAZING theme, great in ring talent, thoroughly deserved more. I hope he takes the IC off Cody Rhodes this Wrestlemania)

    6)Great Khali (WWE didnt waste him, he wasted himself. He has the appearence to become a legend, but everything else is just 0.)

    7)Big Daddy V (Why WWE and ECW wasted him as a jobber is beyond me. He should hes a very good wrestler in his WWF and Ministry of Darkness days.)

    8)Kofi Kingston

    9)Sin Cara (Yet to see him in the upper mid cards at WWE)

    10)The Miz (WWE are just wasting him as a wrestler. He should be a MUCH BETTER addition to the janitors' squad or something. Fire him and end this MIZery already).
    1. Razor Ramon
    2. Roddy Piper
    3. Owen Hart
    4. Mr Perfect
    5. Kane
    6. Dusty Rhodes
    7. Rick Rude
    8. Ken Kennedy
    9. Jake Roberts
    10. Ricky Steamboat

    It's not in an exact order but all these should have achieved more then they did.
  2. Jerry Lawler
    Roddy Piper
    Randy Savage
    Dusty Rhodes
    Matt Morgan
    Ken Kennedy
    Bob Orton
    Bob Blacklund
  3. I wonder if used better or pushed better are the same....

    DiBiase was used very well, just not to the extend that he should have

    Kennedy was booked fine. He just wasn't pushed to the extend his talent garnered

    I saw the same things Seabs saw, so his list makes sense, but...

    Is there a difference between how a guy is used and how far they end up pushed?

    I dunno, maybe the question makes no sense
  4. 1. Tyson Kidd

    That's all I'm going to say.
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  5. no order:

    Owen Hart
    Mr. Perfect
    Shelton Benjamin
    Colt Cabana
    Rick Rude
    Chris Masters
    Jake Roberts

    tried to put in a mix of old blunders and newer blunders. I could go on and on though. They never used Vader properly, they wasted Elijah Burke & Kennedy (who are ironically now being wasted in TNA), they are in the midst of wasting Mcintyre, I hope to god Dolph isn't eventually talked about in discussions like these...Steamboat deserved better.. guys like Tazz, Goldberg, ect who came in from other companies as decorated champions.

    I'll stop there for now
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  6. DDP

    I loved him!
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  7. yeah forgot to mention MVP and Razor Ramon.

    Im quited amazed to see some of the lists though. For example, Hawk and Animal, why? They are recognized as a legendery tag team, if not the best tag team of all times. What more do u want?
    Jerry The King Lawler, had a great World Champion reign, recognized as one of the greatest champions.
    Kane, he is to me the most scary superstar in wwe ever, is even undertaker is 2nd best to him. He was a huge superstar when he first joined to the end of the attitude era days. Even in the WWE days he was a good superstar and held many great feuds, everything went downhill form when he opened mask though.
    Dusty Rhodes, Randy Savage, Piper, they are all regarded as legends. Whats the problem here?
  8. I don't really agree about LOD, but they had much better runs in other orgs than WWE. Lawler was never a World Champion in WWE. Kane I disagree with completely, he's had a good run.

    As for Piper, he deserved to have multiple world title runs, and never received a single one in WWE
  9. u mean WWF. WWE didnt have the pleasure of having this legends.

  10. Piper

    Hawk and Animal


    They all had runs under the "WWE" name plus it's the same company, you do know that right?
  11. I don't get why someone would put people like Piper or Savage on the list because both are legends. The truth is, when it comes to people who should/could have won the world title but didn't, is that there was simply always someone else more qualified than them to win it. In Piper's case, Hogan. And Savage could have had a bigger run as world champion, but again, Hogan was bigger than he was and was always there, and then for a whole year, there was the Ultimate Warrior, who was as big (at one time) as Hogan was. So I can't fault WWE for that.

    If you wanna know who people within WWE thinks could have been more, there is an interesting 'Legends Of Wrestling' roundtable discussion on Youtube called Underachievers and Overachievers that you can watch.

  12. So according to your logic Kevin Federline and Floyd Money Mayweather are official WWE wrestlers? They had a run in at wwe at and before wrestlemania too. Please dont use ridiculous logic like that again, it makes u seem dumber than Crayo.

    And yes its the same company with different name and different versions too, because WWF had to be stopped for some time before it aired againa as WWE and many of the WWF wrestlers retired in the process.

  13. What are you on about? They were celebrity appearances these guys are trained pro wrestlers. There is a difference. Also there was no break at all, it was just a transition. Not one WWF wrestler retired because of the name change. Don't tell me which logic to use when your idea of logic is Booker T winning a fight because he's black.
  14. Braden Wal...



  15. Yes they were celebrity appearences, and the guys like Hawk and animal and piper are kind of guest appearences too, i dont believe they signed official contracts with wwe to come back, they just made appearences here and there when needed to hype up the show, that doesnt make them wwe wrestlers.

    And yes i dont see anything wrong with my logic. Put a white and a black guy of exactly the same build, same hight, same weight, same skills, same agility in a ring and make them fight, the black guy will win 95% times. White is the weaker race in terms of strength, blacks have always dominated world boxing too from mike tyson to mohhamad ali to floyd mayweather.
  16. They were WWE wrestlers as they all appeared under legends contracts, Piper did anyway and I'm sure there was some kind of agreement in place whether that be verbal or written.

    Jack Dempsey, Jake Lamotta, both Klitchikos and many other refuse that claim. Colour isn't an indicator of athletic ability.
  17. JeebaK calling me dumb is the best thing I've read all day. So. Much. Irony.

  18. Apparently I'm dumber then you. I would offer to high 5 you but we'd probably miss, since we're so dumb.
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  19. Just lol'd very loudly in front of Mum. Liked + Repped.
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