top 100 wrestlers of the 90's according to

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. what do you think?

    (See dolph zigglers post for full list)

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  2. Think you can find a more annoying way to copy/paste that for us?

    Here's the article to anyone not trying to sustain an aneurysm reading the original post
  4. oops wasn't the best copy and paste job was it lol if it weren't so long id of separated them myself
  5. I looked over it. Pretty decent list and read. I'd put Big Show higher. Idk why they stood out to me
  6. IMO the list is shit and listed accolades from things that didn't even happen in the 90's, but here it is in all it's glory

    100. Alex Wright
    99. The Nasty Boys
    98. Marcus Bagwell
    97. Marty Jannetty
    96. Ultimo Dragon
    95. Jushin Liger
    94. Abdullah the Butcher
    93. The Pitbulls
    92. Mabel
    91. Bob Holly
    90. The Gangstas
    89. Val Venis
    88. Kamala
    87. Konnan
    86. The Sandman
    85. Harlem Heat
    84. D'Lo Brown
    83. Haku/Meng
    82. Papa Shango/Kama
    81. The Warlord
    80. The Eliminators
    79. Brutus Beefcake
    78. I.R.S.
    77. Demolition
    76. X-Pac
    75. Rick Martel
    74. The Dudley Boyz
    73. Steven Regal
    72. Bob Backlund
    71. Tatanka
    70. Jim Neidhart
    69. 2 Cold Scorpio
    68. Greg Valentine
    67. The Natural Disasters
    66. Jeff Jarrett
    65. Dr. Death Steve Williams
    64. Raven
    63. Goldust
    62. Barry Windham
    61. Ahmed Johnson
    60. Big Boss Man
    59. Edge
    58. Tommy Dreamer
    57. Paul Orndorff
    56. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    55. Kerry Von Erich
    54. Marc Mero
    53. Ron Simmons
    52. Ken Shamrock
    51. Diamond Dallas Page
    50. The Honky Tonk Man
    49. Taz
    48. Arn Anderson
    47. Tito Santana
    46. The Big Show
    45. Terry Funk
    44. Sabu
    43. The British Bulldog
    42. Jake The Snake Roberts
    41. The Great Muta
    40. Eddie Guerrero
    39. Bam Bam Bigelow
    38. Chris Benoit
    37. Nikita Koloff
    36. Dean Malenko
    35. Shane Douglas
    34. Lex Luger
    33. Owen Hart
    32. The Steiner Brothers
    31. Brian Pillman
    30. Kane
    29. Sid Vicious
    28. Jimmy Snuka
    27. Chris Jericho
    26. Rob Van Dam
    25. Yokozuna
    24. Rey Mysterio
    23. Triple H
    22. Scott Hall
    21. Rick Rude
    20. Mr. Perfect
    19. Ted Dibiase
    18. Ricky Steamboat
    17. Roddy Piper
    16. The Road Warriors
    15. Cactus Jack
    14. Vader
    13. Kevin Nash
    12. Goldberg
    11. The Undertaker
    10. Andre the Giant
    9. The Ultimate Warrior
    8. Sting
    7. Shawn Michaels
    6. Bret Hart
    5. The Rock
    4. Ric Flair
    3. Macho Man Randy Savage
    2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    1. Hulk Hogan
  7. Can't really argue with the top two... at what point do you begin disagreeing with where certain guys are listed?
  8. I'd change small things in the actual order, but that's all subjective.
  9. Austin might be above Hogan if we're only counting the 90s. Probably not, but it's almost even.
  10. I don't see a big problem with it. It's the posters opinion. I don't argee with it all but that's fine.
  11. I simply can't comprehend why Big Boss Man > X-pac, Abdullah the Butcher, Goldust
  12. This might sound f'd up, but Andre really wasn't around for the majority of the 90's so I feel like they're hashing on him being a megastar of the 80's.

    From there on it's just problems with order.
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