Top 20 Dream NXT Signings

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 3, 2014.

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    The thread title says it all. Who would you love to sign with WWE/NXT?

    My personal choices/favorites:

    1. Ricochet
    2. ACH
    3. Kenny Omega
    4. Kyle O' Reilly
    5. Adam Cole
    6. The Young Bucks
    7. Johnny Gargano
    8. Bobby Fish
    9. Cedric Alexander
    10. Trevor Lee
    11. Jay Lethal
    12. Alex Shelley
    13. Mike Bennett
    14. Tommaso Ciampa
    15. Chuck Taylor
    16. Trent Barreta
    17. Austin Aries
    18. Anthony Nese
    19. Candice LeRae
    20. Kota Ibushi

    Okay, these guys are obviously the future of the business. I'd definitely love to see 'em signed by WWE.
    Now, of course, there are some great wrestlers that I haven't heard of. But this is my list... Post yours.
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  2. Those are some pretty good ones, I won't make a list of 20 myself however I'll put down some that I've wanted to see in the WWE mainly..

    -Austin Aries
    -Samoa Joe

    There's more but I'm too lazy to recall who I had on my old list.
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  3. You know, we could go on and on about who I want
    But I'll shorten it down:

    -Kyle O'Reilly
    -Kota Ibushi
    -Austin Arries
    -Trent Barreta
    -Yoshi Tatsu (Again)
    -Mason Ryan (Again)
    -Evan Bourne (Again)
  4. Pretty much every guy that I'd like to see in NXT has been mentioned so I'm throwing a few females into the mix.

    Allysin Kay
    Mia Yim (I know she's appearing soon but more than one match)
    Leva Bates (see Mia Yim)
    Sara Del Rey (Most probably never going to happen though)
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  5. who do I want in WWE:
    Johnny Gargano
    Akira Tozawa
    Alex Shelley
    Rich Swann

    Who do I not want in WWE:
    Michael Elgin (useless)
    Davey Richards (piece of crap)
    ACH (see Elgin: Michael)
  6. Alex Shelley would be cool, so would The Wolves and guys like Austin Aries and Samoa Joe. I'd like to see Nikki Storm (if she somehow doesn't win British Bootcamp 2) there.
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  7. The following are past the age to really have a good career on the main roster, but it would've been nice to see them in the 'E:
    - AJ Styles
    - Bobby Roode
    - Austin Aries
    - Samoa Joe
    - Bobby Fish

    The rest are potential signees that I'd like to see signed in the future:
    - Johnny Gargano
    - Ricochet
    - Alex Shelley
    - Kyle O'Reilly (given another year or 2)
    - Anthony Nese
  8. Completely forgot about Alex Shelley, definitely would like to see him in the WWE before he gets any older.. 31 is perfect for him, he's had a lot of nice matches in his time IMO.
  9. IMO Davey Richards is a piece of garbage and should be nowhere near a WWE ring. Eddie on the other hand...
  10. KENTA Kobashi, he may have gotten older but I still think he can go.
    Hiroshi Tanahashi.
    Kazuchika Okada.
    Joey Ryan.
    Drew Gulak
    Tim Thatcher
    Tommaso Ciampa
    Bobby Fish
    Adam Cole
    Biff Busick
    Texano .Jr
    Many, many more...

    This is really just of list of people I want to see in the WWE, NXT or not.
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  11. Why?
  12. I'm also going to have to add:
    Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Bobby Fish

    Tsar reminded me of Hiroshi, I actually forgot about Hiroshi Tanahashi
  13. You a fan of Tanahashi, too?
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  14. Because he is an unprofessional asshole by way too many accounts? Davey is well known to be a dick with a very big ego.
    There's a reason the man is black balled by every major Japanese promotion.
  15. I've been a Tanahashi fan for ages!
    It's just nobody really mentions him so I just forgot about him.
    I really wish some WWE employees could read this and try to sign some of the people.
    (Mainly Kyle O'Reilly and Hiroshi Tanahashi, my two favourites)
  16. They should try signing these for Divas:
    Kaitlyn (Of Course)
    Eve Torres (Like the rumours)
  17. I think the reason he isn't mentioned in threads like this is because it is super unlikely that WWE could get/afford/be willing to pay for Tanahashi
  18. Since some of the guys y'all mentioned are already in NXT, would anyone want to possibly see Chase Owens?
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  19. No, thank you.
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  20. There are a lot of indy guys that I like, but I don't really want to see any particular person get signed to WWE. I mean, sure it'd be good for their bank account and such and I'm sure they'd like to go but I already watch them on the indies/Japan/wherever, not sure why I'd want to see them in NXT instead.
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