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  1. 1.Charlotte (Genetically Superior)
    2.Paige (Great In ring Performer Very aggressive and nice move set)
    3.Sasha Banks (She's the boss need I say more)
    4.Natalya ( She's a Hart Dammit!)
    5.Naomi (Has so much talent she just needs a new gimmick)

    Honorable mention: Bayley (Still has to prove herself on the flagship show)

    Name yours
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  2. 1. Sasha Banks
    2. Bayley
    3. Becky Lynch
    4. Alexa Bliss
    5. Paige
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  3. You keep surprising me man! how didn't charlotte make the list?
  4. She doesn't do much for me.
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    Hard to believe bro You praised the miz for his ring work earlier Charlotte is just #Genetically superior and it show's during her performances & She's not bad on the mic either she's the best hope for the women's revolution to prosper

  6. #1: Summer Rae
    #2: Becky Lynch
    #3: Nikki Bella
    #4: Bayley
    #5: Charlotte
  7. LOL Your kidding right with Summer Rae?
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  8. No
  9. LOL I mean what has she done to be #1 on your list? Her looks?
  10. She's the best wrestler in the women's division.
  11. She has never had a championship or even a really high profile match How do you figure?
  12. 1. Becky Lynch

    2. My mom

    3. The red headed Irish Godess of WWE

    4. B-Lizzle

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  13. LOL and who would you mom be might I ask?
  14. 1. Nikki Bella (personal fav and also a hard worker)
    2. Sasha Banks
    3. Becky Lynch
    4. Charlotte
    5. Bayley
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  15. Nikki Is gorgeous just not that great of a wrestler to me Don't get me wrong she has got way better with time
  16. Becky is my mom.
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    Really? awesome.jpg
  18. 1. Becky
    2. Nikki
    3. Alexa
    4. Eva
    5. Naomi
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  19. Why Eva? She hasn't did anything impressive No championships No matches even really
  20. [​IMG]
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