Other Top 5 Favorite Sports Figures of All-Time?

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  1. Well it shouldn't be too hard to understand what I'm getting at but just in case I'll ask it again down here!

    What are your personal Top 5 Favorite Athletes of All-Time ranging from any sport?

    For myself I'd have to go with this list and this is the order going from 1 being my most favorite out of the group and 5 being my least favorite.

    1) Michael Jordan
    2) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3) Randall Cunningham
    4) Terrell Owens
    5) Vladimir Guerrero

    Weird list I know but hey that's just how it went.. I didn't really put people in there that I hadn't seen with my own two eyes.. that list would look slightly different.
  2. OJ Simpson. He taught me the true way of treating a woman.
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    Dirk Nowitzki
    Rampage Jackson
    Draymond Green
    DeSean Jackson
    Peyton Manning

    idk, pretty random lol. Hard to narrow it down to 5.

    edit: Al Davis would probably have to be included if we are using "sports figures" instead of athletes.
  4. in no real order:
    Michael Jordan
    Peter Forsberg
    John Guidetti
  5. 1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Novak Djoković
    3. Sir Alex Ferguson
    4. Aleksandar Saša Djordjević
    5. Ivan Miljković
  6. No order:
    Odell Beckham Jr
    Derek Jeter
    Nate Robinson
    Aaron Rodgers
  7. 1. Willie Stargell (great baseball player and an even better man.. true role model.. R.I.P.)
    2. Dan Marino (IMO the greatest QB ever.. noone can or will ever throw like he did ever again.)
    3. Cal Ripken, Jr. (played baseball with heart and guts.. most durable player of all time in any sport)
    4. Charles Barkley (for his basketball ability only, can't stand him off the court.)
    5. Russell Wilson (in his short time he's shown that heart still means something)
  8. Mario Lemieux
    Luis Figo
    Doug Gilmour
    Brett Favre
  9. Rocky Marciano
    Roger Federer
    Kjetil Aandre Aamodt
    Alessandro Del Piero
    Penny Hardaway
  10. I can get down with some Lemieux, he's probably top 10, personally I have Gretzky ahead of him.
  11. Put Lemieux on those oilers all star teams and he'd have way more points than Gretz.
  12. The world will never know haha
  13. Also, cancer slowed him down. Not by much though, what a specimen! :cornette:
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