Top 5 indie promotions

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. This goes out to all you hardcore wrestling fans who watch more than just WWE, TNA and ROH. Rank the five best indie promotions. I am looking for more promotions to get into and I am interested to know.
  2. Well I don't watch indies that much, but here in Canada there is CWI.
  3. Thread basically dedicated to JoeRulz and Kayfab.
  4. I hear Chikara is pretty unique.
  5. 1. PWG (the best thing on the planet)

    2. CHIKARA (colorful, family friendly, comic book promotion, lucha influenced)
    3. Dragon Gate USA (hard-hitting, high-flying action, a lot of young talent here)
    4. EVOLVE (basically the same as DGUSA, but without Japs; Evolve's gimmick is based on win/loss records)
    5. CZW (hard-hitting and high-flying undercards, combined with 2-3 major deathmatches, that are usually sick and brutal)
  6. :upset: I wanted to look smart and say those companies :finger: joe :finger:
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    :(( :cry: :(( :upset:

    I heard NOAH is doing good too :okay: and Dreamer is starting that House of Hardcore soon too.
  7. NOAH is not an Indy, NOAH is a big Japanes promotion, and they're not doing well financially nowadays, because they failed to make new megastars 5-7 years ago, and now they're paying for their sins.
  8. Fuck you for destroying my post, I'm going to beat the crap out of you then take your girl! :okay:
  9. HoH has already sold out I think. Not sure if they've done their first show or not yet.
  10. October 6th.
  11. PWG is incredible as said, not really keen on CZW but Chikara is another which is just good fun, another could be NWA Hollywood also, it's not great from what I've seen but I've not really given it a proper crack of the whip so it could get better, going off topic here but Mad Men is a great show also.
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  12. DAT 60s SWAG!
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