Top 5 Mic Skills Currently

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  1. Opinions remember :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    1) Jericho/John Cena (when not being cheesy)
    2) Rant Punk (normal Punk, not his crappy jokes)
    3) The Miz
    4) Wade Barrett
    5) Cody Rhodes
    1. Jericho
    2. Wade Barrett
    3. Pissed off Punk
    4. The Miz
    5. Aggressive Cena

    I'm unsure on the order of the last two they're more joint 4th rather then 4th and 5th.
  2. 1. The Rock (he counts, right? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
    2. Punk
    3. Jericho
    4. Miz
    5. HHH... when not trying to crack jokes.
  3. Barrett

    Accents = instant heat
  4. 1. Johnny Ace.
    2. Kane
    3. The Miz
    4. Wade Barrett
    5. Cody Rhodes

    Didn't know what certain order to put it at, but at the moment I like them five on the mic. Kane's promo's are awesome.
  5. Johnny Ace, Jericho, Barrett, Rhodes, The Rock
  6. People putting Ace in their top 5 is hilarious. Trolls or... well...
  7. Ace is gold on the mic.
  8. Okay? he entertains me every time he talks.

    I refer you back to your original post

    'opinions remember'
  9. Whos the person in ur thumbnail lol. You always have some hot girl as ur avatar
  10. She's the mystery women :emoji_wink:. Haha, I know mate - might aswell make awesome use of my avatar space, right? :emoji_wink:.
  11. Fu** me, I forgot to shout out Santino as honorable mention
  12. Top 5, not in order:

    - Bully Ray
    - Scott Steiner
    - Ric Flair
    - Chris Jericho
    - Kevin Steen
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  13. This is the WWE section, cheater.

    Bully Ray >>> All
  14. Come at me. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  15. 1.) Cena
    2.) Punk
    3.) Rhodes
    4.) Ziggles
    5.) Jerifail.
  16. Bully Ray is overrated, I much prefer Steiner and Magnus.

    Anyway! Ziggler above Jericho in mic skills? #AreYouSeriousBro?
  17. Lol... That "Mr. Ziggles" stuff is still epic, lol.
  18. Not even close. Best heel in the business today, period.
  19. [size=xx-small]inyouropinion[/size]
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