Top 5 Shoot Interviewees

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. Who are your top 5 guys you could listen talk about anything in wrestling?

    1.) Kevin Nash- he's just the best
    2.) Corny- hilarious and generally insightful
    3.) New Jack- hate the guy with a passion but he entertains me on shoots even though I assume 99.99% of what he says is bullshit
    4.) Jeff Hardy:

    5.) Honky TOnk Man

    list yours
  2. I like yours but would swap out Jeff Hardy with Sean Waltman. My favorite druggie
  3. I just like that he hates Punk as much as I do. He is totally right too that without Hardy Punk never would have gotten so over.
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  4. Mine almost mirror yours.

    1) Nash - duh
    2) Cornette - same reasons, entertaining as shit
    3) New Age Outlaws - there was this one they did years ago where they clowned on the guy interviewing them the entire time. I loved it.
    4) New Jack - yeah, same reasons. He's crazy and full of shit, but it's entertaining.
    5) Percy Pringle - the deal he did with Cornette is hilarious.
  5. I really like Road Dogg but Billy Gunn seems more bitter than even most pro wrestlers do. Like he feels he never got a fair shake when clearly WWE tried to push him and he just didn't get over as a singles guy.

  6. Yeah I don't know. They did try to push him and it didn't catch, but I felt like they let Rock fucking obliterate him that one time after Billy won the KOTR. Granted at the time I was laughing my ass off, but in retrospect it seems kind of messed up. Rock can do that thing sometimes where he destroys the other guy in a promo to the point that there's no recovering. Usually it's funny as hell, but I don't know if it's always the best thing to do.
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  7. The bit where Rock gave Billy poison ivy is an all time classic.
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  8. Bullshit, Punk getting over in 2011 is because Hardy put him over in 09? I'm not going to Gohan this and say the Hardy feud didn't help of course it did but look at the low in between the two for him. Punk was buried in between the two and got back over from a huge story.

  9. Hardy's the one who dropped the strap to him in the first place if I'm not mistaken. He let Punk talk all that drug shit about Hardy in his promo. I think he gave Punk a lot.

    I'm not a Hardy sympathizer, the guy seems like a joke to me at this point, but I can't deny that he put Punk on the map.
  10. I genuinely doubt that Punk would have been in the position within the company to do the shoot in 2011 had he not had the Hardy feud.
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  11. On topic : Nash, Foley, Cornette, Heyman and Bischoff.
  12. He did put him over huge all through the feud, Hardy did better work than Punk if we're being honest especially in the matches however how does that relate to Punk blowing up in 2011 after being jobbed out on Ppv for practically the two years after? Don't quote me on this but I think he lost every PPV between Summerslam 09 and OTL 2011. Jeff put him on the map then the WWE snatched the map off the table. A similar thing happened to Bryan albeit lesser with the US title, Mid put him over like a million bucks then Bryan faded to dancing on RAW then nothing. Muz isn't responsible for Bryan being so over now is he?
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  13. Yeah pretty much this. Hardy and Taker put him on the map. I found it kind of disingenuous how Punk shits on that title reign of his in the BITW dvd he did. He seems like a raging egomaniac. All the spotlight in the company isn't on him, so he feels that world title run is bullshit. The dude's talented and all yeah, but I think he's a victim of his own hype at times.

    Anyway yeah, his 2011 worked shoot promo deal where he pretended to break the fourth wall would never have happened without Hardy or Taker working with him in '09.
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  14. Love Scott Halls solo shoots. He seems more honest than most and has a real love and respect for the business and is the first to admit his faults.
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  15. I guess I don't see the correlation, did anyone really remember that shit when he cut a worked shoot and walked out with the title?
  16. No, but you have to be thankful for the people who took a chance on you along the way to success. It's important to acknowledge their role in creating the persona that Punk has developed today.

  17. Being an egotistical prick is something he's guilty of.

    How doesn't it happen without them working with him? What did he use from that feud to form the story? It was about him being pushed down for Cena as he didn't fit the mould the company wanted wasn't it? Surely that'd work better if he hadn't been in such a huge feud.
  19. Did you not read what I said? He wouldn't have had the chance to ever do the worked shoot if he weren't so over from the Hardy feud. Hardy jump started his WWE career in a big way.
  20. No? Because he wouldn't have been so over/popular and thus not deserving of being pushed, thus not being 'pushed down'.
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