Top 5 SmackDown superstars (ATM)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Post your top 5. This doesn't mean who you like personally, it's who you rate atm as the top 5. For example, Barrett is my favourite SD superstar but atm Rhodes is the one I enjoy the most.

    1) Cody Rhodes
    2) Daniel Bryan
    3) Wade Barrett
    4) Drew McIntyre
    5) Sheamus

  2. Uh your top 5 is pretty accurate I would just change 4 to Randy Orton
  3. 1) Randy Orton
    2) Cody Rhodes
    3) Mark Henry
    4) Sheamus
    5) Daniel Bryan
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  4. Sheamus
    Josh Matthews :emoji_wink:
  5. Orton
    Cody Rhodes
    Big Show
    Daniel Bryan
    Drew Mcintyre

    Sheamus is getting so boring, i hope he doesnt become the next john cena, atleast cena's got some mic skills, sheamus is pretty boring on the mic too.

  6. Your top five is the worst top five made in the history of professional wrestling so don't come here with your facepalms on every post that collides with your opinion.

    Mine may not be that good but i'm sure that I never said Big Show or Khali was one of them.
  7. 1) Daniel Bryan
    2) Wade Barrett
    3) Cody Rhodes
    4) Randy Orton
    5) Sheamus

    I've attempted to remain as impartial as I can.
  8. Orton
    Bryan/Big show (boring feud)
  9. So weird seeing you agree with 4 of my choices. Though seeing Show there makes me sick :emoji_wink:.

    @[Zamorakian] my choices obviously weren't too bad, everyone's picking similar :emoji_wink:.

    Only reason I haven't picked Orton is because atm he's not involved in anything entertaining. He's been injured most of 2012 and hasn't had any exceptional matches.
  10. Orton/Barrett street fight was the best match on SD in 2012
  11. Typical, the one I missed lol. Not as consistent as last yeart though, even though it's a new year granted. He's just not had that same impact. Him vs Barrett I thoroughly enjoyed yes, but Barrett for me was the star of that feud. His segments/promos were gold.
  12. I'd have put Barrett in my top 5 but he's been booked to shit in the build up to the EC. He is always scared of Khali/Big Show, tagging in Rhodes instead of fighting, and eating pins. Barrett is a big guy, why he is suddenly the typical chicken shit heel just because he is facing an immobile giant is beyond me.

    oh and of course his theme music deducted points from his case as well
  13. Lmao was waiting for the theme point It's actually growing on me. It's gone from unbearable to awful. His booking has been crap but he's had a few individual promo time moments, so that's put him up there for me, his mic work is probably the best in WWE atm with Rhodes.
  14. The only promo I can recall him cutting over the past few weeks was the one against Big show with Rhodes, and Cody outshined him drastically in that segment
  15. Backing away from fights is typical heel 101...

    but I do agree regarding the eating pins part. No potential star ought to be pinned so much
  16. I was fine with Barrett backing away from fights when he would say something like 'we'll do this on my terms' and he was more or less playing mind games. But lately he just looks like a giant puss

    not every heel should be booked as a gutless pussy, despite what Vince might think
  17. Vince overdoes everything

    Vince would actually beat a dead horse if it was just lying there

    The fast and the furious series thinks Vince McMahon ought to consider booking a bit differently

    ... even the Simpsons think Vince McMahon needs to alter his character development

    But yeah, Barrett on the stick was proven on RAW and his production on SD has been less than stellar
  18. 1) Randy Orton
    2) Cody Rhodes
    3) Sheamus
    4) Hunico
    5) Sin Cara
  19. McIntyre? He's jobbing!
    Good talent yes, but it really should be Orton or Christian.
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