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  1. My preferences for the top 5 superstars of wwe/wwf are-------
    1.. Bill Goldberg--Everybody knows that he is the true ''ANIMAL''--in the actual sense. His 173-0 steak is well known and written in the history of wwe alomg with his ''Monster spear''.
    2..The Undertaker--He is the Phenom, The Deadman. He is one and only ---------The Undertaker.This man has created history in the ring over and over plus his 20-0 streak goes down in wwe history in Golden letters. He is the only person who has fought for 20 Years at Wrestlemania and isn't getting tired of winning. It looks as if when he retires his streak will still be intact. Thus, he deserves the precious 2ND place.
    3.. Hulk Hogan--He is the ALL-TIME Legendary athlete in all of sports entertainment. His most brutal weapon being the awesome HULK-UP that impressed from the children to the aged. His fans are still in millions and trillions world wide. He brought tears in the eyes of viewers when he bloodied in many matches and still seemed to win them from out of no where. Lastly, we should all salute this man for what he has done.
    4..Chris Benoit--This person was atreat to the eyes. In pro-wrestling he showed his charisma to all . His ''CRIPPLER CROSSFACE'' is still remembered by all even after so many years of his death.
    5..Edge..Adam Copeland captured the hearts of many hardcore wwe fans with his ''Spear taunt and spear chants''. He made his debut when he was only 19 years old and went on a long way in this business. But, due to an unfortuante shoulder injury(some people say there are other reasons) he had to retire in early 2010. But according to him , whenever he hears his music , his heart still rushes to the arena like old days.
    Well guys these are my Top 5 superstars of wwe/wwf of all times . What do you think about them??


    Awesome list...........
  2. 1. KANE
    2. Edge
    3. Chris Jericho
    4. RVD
    5. Jeff Hardy
  3. My top 5 are

    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    2. Mick Foley
    3. The Undertaker
    4. Edge
    5. Lita - this was a tough one between about 5 but needed a diva in my list.
  4. 1. Chris Benoit
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Brock Lesnar
    4. Dean Malenko
    5. The Undertaker
  5. ^ why isnt eddie edwards on the list D:
  6. Eddie Edwards is in Ring of Honor not WWE
  7. D: this all caps thing make it hard to read -.-

    also why you still awake!
  8. I can't think of a reason Eddie Edwards would be in any top 5, unless his mum was making it.
  9. Just woke up o3o
  10. its 4am though :haha:
  11. You cant look Dashing if you dont get your beauty sleep

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  14. 1) Stone Cold Steve Austin
    2) The Undertaker
    3) The Rock
    4) Shawn Michaels
    5) Roddy Piper
  15. 1. Undertaker
    2 . Rob Van Dam.
    3 . Jericho
    4 . Regal
    5 . Booker T
  16. RVD above Regal and Jericho? :dafuq:
  17. 1. Kurt Angle
    2. Chris Benot
    3. Eddie Guerrero
    4. Steve Blackman
    5. Lesnar
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