Top 5 Tag Teams

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  1. history. List yours.

    1: Kane & Undertaker
    2: Dudley Boyz
    3: Hardy Boyz
    4: Test & Albert
    5: Edge & Christian
  2. Dudleys
    E & C
    Paul London and Brian Kendric
    New Age Outlaws
    1. Road Warriors
    2. E & C
    3. Dudleys
    4. Steiner Brothers
    5. British Bulldogs
  3. Solid list. I'd give honorable mention to a couple of more recent teams like Beer Money & Dem Boys
  4. Pretty sure this would be mine, though I'd personally change E&C and Road Warriors around but I'm thinking it's because of my unnatural obsession with Christian. Each one of those teams had completely original gimmicks - oh how I miss you.

    Actually, I'd most likely take Steiner Brothers out and replace them with Hardy's.
  5. Old Hardy Boyz
    Dudley Boys
    Kane & Undertaker
    Eddie and Chavo
  6. Those spot monkeys can't hold a candle to the Steiners
  7. Probably, I've just not seen enough of the Steiners. A big regret of mine :emoji_slight_frown:.

    It's on my to-do-list to watch the crap out of them. :steiner:
  8. Hey nowt wrong with the spot monkeys used to fire up a crowd big time which is what can be lacking atm in WWE the pre matches are so poor that the crowd dies. U need spot monkeys.
  9. Spot monkeys do have a place but that doesn't make them a great team imo.
  10. Old school Steiners were amazing.
  11. Hardys were a great team though come on?
  12. They were really good, but IMO it's a big time stretch to put them in the top 5 of any great tag team list
  13. I see your point, however, I'm open to saying I'm a huge fan of big spots. Is there anyone who performed better spots than hardy's? They had a good look, the fact they're legitimate brothers always helped, I'm not sure - but I always marked.
  14. They are in my top five as the spots they pulled were amazing and I used to see a Foleyesque style in that. Meaning they would take risks and bumps for the sake of the WWE and to get the crowd pumped.
  15. I'll admit I still mark for Jeff to this day but I'm with Dolph they were good at what they did but not great enough overall.
  16. Disagree they to me made teams like E & C and the Dudleys and without the Hardys they wouldn't have been as great as they are recognised to be as the tag division would've lacked.
  17. Word of the day.

    It's all down to preference. I mark like a school girl for the crazy spots they done. However there's plenty on here who don't mark so much for big spots which I understand.
  18. I mark for spots, you can't help but say holy shit at the thinks they've done, but it doesn't make them an all time great team IMO. I guess it just depends on the criteria you use. If you put them in your all time favorite top 5 it's more reasonable to me than putting them in the all time greatest top 5, and there is a difference.
  19. yeah maybe if i sat and thought and it was greatest not fave they may drop off the list would be top ten though. I still howver say that they are a unreal tag team and made WWE in an era when tags mattered.
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