top 5 talent who can make it big in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. In no particular order.

    Dolph Ziggler - One of the most unique among the rising talent and one of my favorites of course. He seems to have that unique wrestler look, which is hard to find among many of the rising/and maybe developing talent. Not only that, but he seems like one of the best in-ring workers right now in WWE. Also for a good wrestler, he doesn't have a relatives who were WWE legends nor do work for WWE. All the best to Ziggler. Sorry for saying this, but he does seem like a modern-day billy gunn, even though he doesn't have the ass-man gimmick. Never was a fan of the ass man gimmick, but Billy gunn was talented. Dolph Ziggler is just one of those guys who seems to have the most potential especially if WWE goes to new but incredible heights with him, though currently he has a lot of what you expect from a wrestler except his mic work is lacking but hopefully that will change. Lets hope Ziggler gets a decent but sort of long run as world heavyweight champion.

    Damion Sandow - love the intellectual savior gimmick, his mic skills seem one of the best, right now though hes more impressive on the mic than in the ring. He definitely can have a few decent feuds with some of the top guys in the WWE. How about Sandow-punk, Sandow-brya wyatt, Sandow-Jericho. I hate the way WWE is using him, they have seemed to make him mid-card jobber at times, jobbing to the likes of Sheamus n others. First I would like to a see Rhodes scholars get a run at the tag team titles or two, then an IC title run.

    Miz - I like his face turn, he has the youth which I like. I like how WWE is trying to get him over, by giving him his own host show in a WWE ring like what Chris Jericho has. I liked his 3 way feud with Wade Barrett n Curtis Axel over IC title, but I hate WWE having to take the IC belt off of him so soon after he had won it at WrestleMania. His face character seems enjoyable not the one of the best.

    Ted dibaise(jr.) - I hate how WWE is using him, under using him, when we are gonna see him get more air time on a real show like raw or smackdown. Ted dibaise deserves better, though I have to say I hated the Million dollar gold title angle with Golddust. He seems talented, he has the look, he definitely can have some good feuds with others in WWE if used right.

    Brya Wyatt - Love his gimmick, he seems to have on of the best promos right now in WWE. He can definitely have some good feuds, how about Brya wyatt-cm punk Brya wyatt-Sandow, Brya wyatt-Kane Brya wyatt-Jericho Brya wayatt Miz.
  2. You dont include Rhodes or Barrett but you include The Miz. KK
  3. Addressing your list:
    • Dolph Ziggler: Completely agree. If pushed properly, he will be a star.
    • Damien Sandow: Not sure how far this particular gimmick can get him, but I love the guy. I would have no objections with him having a world title reign. You don't NEED to be a world title holder though, so he can just be a up-and-downer wrestler who goes up and down the card. Fantastic talent; one of the best on the mic.
    • Miz: Enjoyed him when he was a heel, but he has lost his spark now. The guy just seems to be going through the motions. He is definitely a heel; the face turn hasn't turned out well. He would be a fantastic addition to the midcard as a heel.
    • Ted Debiase - Wouldn't care if WWE fired him. The guy is useless on the mic, not amazing in the ring, and is nearly as boring as Alberto Del Rio as a heel or face. The guy just doesn't appeal to me at all; charisma is non-existent with this guy.
    • Bray Wyatt - Can be a big game player. I think he can go all the way to the top with this gimmick and how he plays it. What a great talent.
    I would like to add to the list:
    • Dean Ambrose: In my opinion, he is the brightest talent WWE has on their entire roster if you don't include guys who have already made it like Bryan and Punk. He has the talents to be the top heel in the company for another ten years. He's one of the best mic workers in WWE, he's a great seller, he has good enough ring skills, and has a good look. This guy - with Wyatt - are the two top young starts of the company.
    • Seth Rollins: Will be a great addition to the mid card. Not a main event player but as I said earlier, you don't need to be. Brilliant in the ring, great look, and bearable mic skills. This could be WWE's new Jeff Hardy.
    • Wade Barrett: Although he has had main event spotlight, WWE used him poorly. He shown during his Nexus run how good he is, and is easily good enough to be their top heel. The guy reminds me of HHH a lot. They need to repackage him and use him properly as a top heel, and he'll get over.
    • Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero: This guy is awesome. Can be another main event player imo. He's fantastic in the ring, fantastic on the mic, and has a decent look. If he wants to be, he can be a huge star.
    I'm missing people like Curtis Axel and Alex Riley, but I cba doing all of them.
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    Gonna throw Luke Harper's name out there. This is a guy with a lot of potential. He has a good look being an almost 7 foot man with a look that sells him well as a monster. He is serviceable-good on the microphone and he knows how to interact with a crowd and work a character. Plus he is very athletic for his size. I've seen the dude do suicide dives and other stuff you don't tend to see from dudes his size. Plus he isn't injury prone unlike a lot of guys his size.

    He'd likely never be a WWE champion but as have been mentioned before he doesn't need to be one.

    Also, he can do hurricanranas:
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