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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. This is just for superstars, no divas.

    What are, in your humbled opinion, the best looking/most attractive superstars? You may include past ones as well. List your top 5.

  2. 1. Kofi Kingston
    2. Alberto Del Rio
    3. Christian
    4. CM Punk
    5. Drew McIntyre
  3. Never posted mine... Oops. LOL

    1.) Punk :datass:
    2.) Chris Jericho
    3.) (Young) Shawn Michaels
    4.) John Cena
    5.) Cody Rodes
  4. Punk
    Cody Rhodes
    & Cena
  5. ^ Miz looks like my cousins mother. It freaks me the hell out. :shock:
  6. 1. Ziggler hands down
    2. Rhodes
    3. Santino
    4. Punk
    5. D. Young
  7. With brown/dark hair, Ziggler would take number two on my list. I think that hair makes him not as good looking.
  8. Tyson Kidd. Mmmmm dat haircut.
  9. Pass me a bowl....for fuck sake
  10. Punk
  11. 1. Randy Orton (The perfect person, Best Thighs evah)
    2. Justin Gabriel (He's hot with or without the accent)
    3. Wade Barrett (Bitches love the Brit accent!)
    4. John Cena (Typical All-American Muscle.)
    5. Brad Maddox (THAT ARSE!)

    Honorable Mentions (No Order):
    Drew McIntyre (The hair and accent is a turn-on)
    Heath Slater (Perfect for the rockstar look)
    Sheamus (I find him really hot! Just... please. A little sun wouldn't hurt.)
    Punk (His look deffo coincide w/ his persona... I like his long hair the most tho!)
    DB w/o the beard (The typical little nerd!)
    Miz (Especially the shadow... PERFECT!)
    Dolph Ziggler (His jaw just ruined the perfect person)
    Christian (He's really hot for a old guy!)
    Edge (With or without the long locks!)
    Rhodes (I hate his legs tho, I call him "Ostrich Legs" when he's on a spandex-no knee gurad combo)
    DiBiase (THAT ARSE!)
    Chris Jericho (He's one of the perf people OK)
  12. Re: RE: Top 5...

    You honestly trying to say if Bryan offered to put you in triangle choke for an hour you'd say no? So insecure over your sexuality.
  13. Big Daddy V
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Mick Foley
    Mark Henry
  14. :fap:
  15. :willis: chubby chaser.
  16. 1- HBK
    2- Cody
    3- Ziggler
    4- Miz
    5- Punk
  17. The Great Khali :gusta: :troll:
  18. In no order
    Jack Swagger (he's Sexy)
    The Miz
    Drew McIntyre
    CM Punk
    Randy Orton

    WWE past stars
    HBK when he was young
    Rick Martel
    Kevin Nash
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