Top 50 Hottest Women in Wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Where is Michelle McCool? :dafuq:
    And why is Beth Phoenix at #12? And AJ looks so hot. :Fap:
  2. Brooke Hogan's on there? :lol1:
  4. How the FUDGE is Kaitlyn not in the top 10?
  5. I share your anger..
  6. It's an personal opinions list not an official one.
  8. Shut up you dont love her like I do :sad:
  9. SoCal Val, Veda Scott, what?
    AJ Lee should be ranked lower(worse) than 9, Tessmacher also lower(worse).
    Gail Kim should be higher.
    Trish Stratus not even there.. list is a disgrace.
    Also, who are Maria Kanellis and Eve torres? What a terrible top 2.
  10. I do. Ask Derrek Bateman...
  11. A perfect example of why you can't post your thoughts on the internet. A bunch of random people will become Edge and tell you that you're wrong. It's a personal opinion from someone else. This shouldn't even matter to you, just because so and so doesn't like to fap to the same Diva as you. Let someone think for themselves and have an opinion on something, I'm sure we all have different tastes anyway.
  12. Going through the list and I see Vickie is on it, so it has no credibility as of now.

    *Me reading to myself* "The former “Cookie” in TNA, Becky Bayless has the unique ability to attract your attention with her tits. Wait! oh that says looks :isee:

    *Continues* "tna tna tna indies tna *yawn* oh look wwe"

    *Continues* "Melina only 17! Fuck this list"

    "Maria....#1...yup, completely inaccurate"
  13. Vickie is gorgeous
  14. ^Has a GILF fetish
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