Top 6 Matches Reportedly Decided On For Wrestlemania 32

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jul 3, 2015.

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    And of course, not a single one of them is mentioned except for the one we already know about:
    Anyone still hoping that they do Brock Lesnar vs The Rock (which is arguably the biggest money match they have on their hands) even after witnessing that segment between Rock, HHH, Ronda, and Stephanie at Wrestlemania this year is most certainly gonna end up disappointed. Seems they're all in for doing Rock vs Hunter again. I guess movie producers put the kibosh on Rock ever wrestling Lesnar since the idea of their meal ticket being rag-dolled by someone of Brock's physicality probably caused them to feel more than just a little uneasy.

    I'm glad to hear they've soured on the idea of Undertaker vs Sting, though. Sting (this is pure speculation on my part, obviously) may wrestle Bray Wyatt instead, and the Undertaker will maybe work with John Cena. If the Undertaker is indeed retiring next year (pure speculation, nothing official), then it makes sense to go out trying to defeat the biggest star in the company. They have not once crossed paths one-on-one since Cena became a main eventer.

    Elsewhere, The Shield will probably have a triple-threat match for the WWE Championship. I'd love to see Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens go at it, but I doubt they'd already plan to book Owens in a big match like that this early when he's still relatively new to the main roster (although plans could always change months later down the road if need be.) Maybe they're finally planning on doing Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton?
  2. I really doubt Ronda works a match in all honesty, I could see her as Rock's manager leading to another in ring segment with Steph but that's it. Why would the UFC risk one of their biggest PPV draws getting injured on someone else's show?
  3. I think I've read somewhere there's no way in hell Dana White's gonna let Ronda perform in WWE while she's under contract with the UFC.

    As far as Ronda being in The Rock's corner in his match against Trips goes, I can see it happening.
  4. It'd be a total one-sided match, though. Stephanie would probably bring her own back-up that would help her to get the advantage over Ronda at first, but that would probably last for all of a minute or two. The majority of it would be Rousey just toying with Stephanie and instead of putting her away early, deciding to instead torment her for several more minutes before finally putting her out of her misery. I doubt there'd be any real risk of injury on her part.

    All and all though, I agree that she'd more likely just be in Rock's corner (and Stephanie in HHH's) for the Rock-HHH main event and they'll work out some type of Ronda/Stephanie interaction through that... If Dana White even allows her to do that much, that is.
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  5. John Cena has a match set already for Wrestlemania? Mind fucking blown.
  6. Ronda is not working a match, Dana White would have to sign off on it and there's no way he's stupid enough to do that, but then again, he did sign CM Punk to UFC, so he can't be that bright.
  7. CM Punk is going to bring over so many goon marks to UFC, how is this future shit match not a sweet cash in for White?
  8. This is CM Punk we're talking about here, he ain't bringing over any marks. He's just some random guy they signed to a contract.
  9. have you been watching WWE on mute the past 16 months?
  10. So signing a guy who has/had a lot of controversy around him and who might end up drawing some fans from WWE over to watch him fight in UFC was a dumb move?

    Considering Punk had literally about zero credentials to fight in the UFC when they signed him and yet received all sorts of publicity from different media outlets for doing so, I'd say it was easily a wise business move.
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  11. I'm assuming you're trolling, the only reason they signed him was to bring over wrestling fans. He's 0-0 with 0 athletic background.
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