Top Comedy Wrestlers

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Samalan, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. I am personally a fan of Colt Cabana and his comedy aspect to wrestling which got me thinking. Who would you say are the top comedy wrestlers in the indies? I am starting with Colt Cabana.
  2. Grizzly Redwood
  3. Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor.
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  4. dean amb....
  5. ARM THE GUNS!!!!
  6. Cabana, Taylor, Delirious, YOSHIHIKO, Danshoku Dino and CHIKARA has it's moments with some guys.
  7. Jake Manning's man scout gimmick is rather fun as well.

    Also Razor Ramon HARD GAY
  8. Okay, Hard Gay is always great....

    Even outside of wrestling, Hard Gay is funny as hell....
  9. Chuckie T is a personal favorite of mine. Los Ice Creams get me chuckling at times also.
  10. Chuckie T always make me laugh
  11. i can't believe nobody mentioned andy kaufman. you kids today. if it didn't happen within the past five years it didn't happen.
  12. Calm down grandpa :troll:
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  13. Kikutaro or Danshoku Dino, can't decide. Dino is boss. YT him.
  14. The Great Khali. Trying to watch him wrestle makes me laugh.
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