News Top Diva set for Return on 3/2/15 RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 2, 2015.

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    It's come to attention via reporting by PWInsider that AJ Lee is backstage at the WWE show tonight in Newark, NJ which is around where AJ comes from.. It is being said that she is set to return on tonight's episode of RAW. She is rumored to be involved in the segment with Paige & The Bella Twins, it's heavily speculated that she will be involved in a tag match at WM31 alongside Paige vs Nikki & Brie.

    It'll be good to see AJ back in action again.. although she wasn't gone for incredibly long the company's divas division is stronger with her than without her..

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  2. In B4 all the 'who gives a shit' replies.

    In fairness, the company are completely to blame for the above. Don't invest in one top diva/wrestler/whatever- you'd think they would have learned by now.
  3. who gives a shit (Just 4 u Majour)

    But Honestly, I'll still find the diva division boring even with her back...

    Shame Deathclaw is still banned..
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  4. Good, now she can have her final program before she finally get's out... She's been boring since 2012, not many people will care to see her back.

    Of course people will say she's the most popular diva... No, she was the most popular in 2012, now Paige is taking over the divas division.. People are so bored of AJ they chant for her husband every time she's in the ring.
  5. Glad to see she's back. Was wondering what happened to her. Hope that they build her up to look grand again and can pick up the scraps of the division and actually repair it. Highly doubt they'll fix the division though.
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  6. who gives a shit
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  7. Oh No I thought she was gone forever
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    Not even AJ Lee can make the divas division interesting again, they've totally killed it. Might as well pull the plug on it (as far as the main roster's divas division goes) 'cause they don't give a shit about it.
  9. >Paige is taking over

    >Gets jobbed out to the Bella Twins on Raw

    Yepyep, Paige is totally taking over!
  10. Paige is definitely taking over... She's the only diva in WWE people actually care about.
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  11. I don't care about her...And that's a flawed argument as many people care about the women in NXT (no matter what you say, NXT is a part of the WWE, so it counts.) If it worries you so much, you can just watch TNA or Indy wrestling, which ever one you want....
  12. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you care about her or not, neither do I.. but she's still the most popular diva whether you like it or not.
  13. Your opinion does not equate to fact.
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  14. But it is a fact though, not an opinion.. I hear the people speak, the only diva that has a solid fanbase is Paige.
  15. AJ has a Solid fanbase, Just Ask Deathclaw...
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  16. No, it really isn't a fact. She might have a big fanbase, but she isn't the only diva that has a fanbase.

    And that's anecdotal evidence at best, still not fact.
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  17. The Bella Twins have huge fan bases for a women's division, Eva Marie has a decent sized one for how new she is, Natalya ... well she had a huge fanbase.. All examples aside from AJ & Paige whom both have really good fan bases to go alongside how long they have both been in the business.
  18. All the divas have fanbases, but they're all small.. Paige is the only one that's got a large fanbase since coming to WWE.. If The Bellas had a lot of fans their wouldn't be silence every time they're in the ring.. Even AJ has lost many fans this past year, people are too busy chanting for her husband which proves they don't care much about her anymore, almost every time she's in the ring that happens... Sasha Banks is gaining a lot of fans over on NXT, she will be crazy over once she hits the main roster if used properly.

    And Eva Marie?... That was a joke right?
  19. So you're admitting that you were wrong when you claimed for a solid fact that no other diva had a fanbase?
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  20. No waiz, Eva Marie is big on the scene! She may not be a great wrestler but that doesn't mean her fan base isn't there.. Bellas get silence because the company over books or books them shitty them time on end and it gets tiresome, they still have their fangirls in the crowd with the "WE LOVE YOU NIKKI & BRIE" or "BRIE MODE" or "BELLAS YOU RULE!" signs.. If you wanna talk NXT, almost every Diva has a fan base down there.
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