Top five active wrestlers in Puro today

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 19, 2013.

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    This will work in the same vein as my top five wrestlers on the American independents now thread. You list your personal top five of active wrestlers in puro right now. Promotions doesn't really matter and it is all personal preference.

    1. Hiroshi Tanahashi

    The current king of the Japanese wrestling world. A bonafide rockstar in the wrestling world and the man who puts asses in seats. Add to that the fact that he is a talented wrestler who always pulls out his best there is no doubt that Tanahashi deserves to be on the top of the mountain.

    2. Kazuchika Okada

    If Tanahashi is the man in NJPW right now, Okada will be the man in the future. This man has over the course of two years transformed from a joke in TNA to the top of the NJPW mountain. Okada will be the future of this business unless something happens.

    3. Akira Tozawa

    Tozawa is to Dragon Gate what Okada is to NJPW. The rookie who went from a joke to heir apparent after a few years abroad. Tozawa is one of my favorite wrestles just because he is such a good combo of all aspects, ring skills, work rate, attitude, charisma and the rest. I love his work.

    4. Cima

    The icon of Dragon Gate. He was to DG what Tanahashi is to NJPW. He is still their biggest draw but he has lately been taking lesser roles to allow newer talent to compete for top spots, helping put over young talent whilst still being the icon of the promotion.

    5 Shingo Takagi

    Another one from Tozawa's generation. One of Dragon Gate's fastest growing stars. Really liking his work.

    Who's in your fave five?
  2. Tana, Okada, M. Suzuki, Suwama and CIMA.
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