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  1. With the exodus of El Generico to the WWE we lost one of the last greats of the last generation of independent wrestlers the independent scene right now is in a transitional stage. New top stars will rise over the years to take the place of guys like Aries, Generico, McGuinness, Punk and Danielson but that will of course not happen with the flick of a switch. So lets list the in your opinion top five indy stars right now. This can be guys who are indy "legends" right now as well as up and comers.

    1. Kevin Steen

    What is there to say about Kevin Steen that hasn't already been said? He is without a doubt the biggest name on the independent circuit right now and probably will be for a long time.

    2. Johnny Gargano

    One of the indy circuits fastest rising stars right now. The man from Ohio is currently the face of DGUSA and Evolve and a damn solid in ring talent who is constantly evolving. Will be one of the greats from the next generation the way he is getting momentum.

    3. Ricochet

    There will always be a place for flips and shit on the independents and Ricochet is the best high flyer out there now arguably not signed to TNA or WWE. The fact that he works in impact strikes in his style only helps his case since it helps in matches with bigger guys. He is already very popular but I can only see that continue.

    4. Sami Callihan

    Great talker with a unique look and solid work style and work ethic? That will take Sami far. If he isn't signed to the WWE or TNA expect him to be a main stay on the independents.

    5. Michael Elgin

    Elgin is one of those guys that ROH is staking it's future on. Expect great things from him.

    People I have left of the list but who gets honorable mentions.
    The young bucks (I focus on singles guys and thus they only get an honorable mention)
    Super Smash Brothers (see young bucks)
    Adam Cole (Should be on the list but WWE rumors keeps him off it)
    Akira Tozawa (Works mainly in Japan now)
    Jimmy Jacobs (Awesome promo cutter and solid wrestler, WWE rumors keeps him off it)

    Who's on your list?
  2. 1. Steen
    2. Samuray Del Sol
    3. Gargano
    4. Callihan
    5. Ricochet

    Hon. mention: Tomasso Ciampa
  3. Who? And could you do a top five list ?
  4. Who? I showed you matches and you said you know him you lying son ama bits..:mad2:

    Top 5? :meh: Not up to date in the indy scene tbh.

    Sitoci had a match with Swaggie a while back. That was it..
  5. #1 Mr Wrestling Kevin Steen - I'm a fan boy fag sure but he's probably the best in North America currently, a beautiful man :gusta:

    #2 Young Bucks - Do these take up two spots or one? They can have one because they're awesome as a team, they're standing out if companies which boast vast ranks.

    #3 Johnny Gargano - Just the pace of improvement above anything else.

    #4 Sami - I'm not a Sami lover like some and I really need to get to be really keen to invest to get into him, his work with Moxley shows as he keeps on adding psychotic layers to his work. He never stops trying to improve.

    #5 Rich Swann - His high flying style will make him huge, he'll surpass Richotecht and AR Fox becoming the top high flyer.
  6. Steen, Gargano, Callihan, Cole and 5th spot is debatable between Ricochet, Elgin and Ciampa.
  7. 1. Steen
    2. Callihan
    3. Adam Cole
    4. Gargano
    5. Elgin

    Honorable mention for Cabana just because he amuses me, and I do enjoy being entertained while watching.
    Second honorable mention for Cliff Compton, just because I can. :haha:
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