News Top guy (not Hogan) possibly on his way out

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Pwinsider
  2. inb4 someone says he's going to WWE.

    Anyways, I wouldn't worry. He'll get re-signed.
  3. I won't worry about it. If AJ Styles wants to leave we would have hear about that before. TNA will resign him for sure.
  4. I, for one, am worried. He is one of a few stars that could really make it in WWE. TNA needs to lock him up before he has to worry about choosing. He might be big in WWE (DB might make that a possibility though) but he will certainly get a much, much bigger payday. Plus competing for 4+ mil daily? Why wouldn't he.
  5. He has problems with Punk. Doubt he'd go.
  6. doubt that means more than he jobs to punk by month three. He is >>>>>>> RVD, can talk, will get a serious pop, and can be relevant from day 1. Not for the WWE title, but there are plenty more he could take easily.
  7. This might be a unpopular opinion but I would like to see AJ try it in the WWE. He's 36 so it would be his last shot most likely. He should sign a 1 year WWE deal and see what happens. If he makes it works he'll make great money and be on the biggest stages. If it doesn't work TNA will most likely take him back with open arms. So he doesn't really have anything to lose or anything left to do in TNA right now.
  8. I keep thinking AJ won't leave TNA unless his has big problems with the company.
  9. and when he shifts over, TNA is one step closer to dead. That's my opinion on why i dont want him to leave. He is one of the few "big players" left who can still lose, and at 36 he has time, how old is angle? Sting?

    Im not disagreeing, i wouldnt mind seeing him in WWE. I just think he defines what TNA has always been, and would hate to see someone who has spent over a decade in one company upgrade (even though he could up his career/funds) because of something stupid the company did. Dixie should take a paycut if that's what it takes.
  10. money talks buddy. Especially when you are talking about possibly quadrupling your fan base.
  11. That's true, but as Jesse said before, he has problems with Punk. WWE could fuck his character up and that's a real possibility.
  12. And this latest storyline hasn't been a character trainwreck?

    Heat can go away as well and I'd expect both Punk and AJ acting like grown men if they were to meet.
  13. I'd honestly believe that WWE bury the shit out of Styles.
  14. It was, and what will happen today isn't what I wanted to see tbh. And they can both act like grown men in the ring, but that's it. Outside they won't talk each other or they'll argue sometimes.
  15. I could only see that if he wasn't willing to play ball. If you look back at WWE burying guys from other promotions there is a pattern that guys who have been willing to adapt and play ball end up doing well (Booker T is a prime example, took a few ribs, got the world title and is in the hall of fame, Big Show another one) where as guys who tend to not want to play get ridiculed.

    And with WWE's seeming new direction and attitude towards guys from other promotions his chances sure as hell are higher than a couple of years ago.
  16. You know that how? If Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart can make up over the Screwjob then Punk and AJ can make up over AJ going to TNA when they had decided to work both ROH and TNA (that's apparently why they had/have beef. Punk, Joe, AJ, Daniels and some others had decided to work both TNA and ROH but AJ decided to go TNA only, diminishing their negotiation power with both promotions. Thus Punk calling him a traitor). That's more than ten years ago.
  17. There's no way to go, and even if he would have more fans and earn more money in WWE, I can't really see AJ there tbh. I can't really see more wrestlers in WWE because they don't even use half of their roster...
  18. AJ is to TNA what Sting was to WCW. I see TNA doing everything in their power to keep him. He'll most likely be the highest paid wrestler and second highest paid on screen talent behind Hogan (:jeritroll:)
  19. I'm just shocked that the heart and soul of the company hasn't gotten a new deal done with what is 2-3 weeks left on his old one. Weren't these issues supposed to go with Prichard? Prichard has been gone for about a month now so I don't see how this one can be blamed on him.
  20. Sign AJ up, he's one of the TNA originals and is a legend. Keep him 'round, he can wrestle, talk and is one of the most over guys in the company. I'd even say he should be in the TNA Hall of Fame as soon as he finally retires.
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