Ring of Honor Top Independent Star & Former WWE Prospect Hinting At ROH Debut?

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    I've seen some of Willie Mack's stuff, he puts on a solid show given the right booking, but then again so do a lot of people.. Would you be interested in seeing him with ROH after being dropped by WWE? For the right price I think he could be a pretty heavy contributor to the promotion.

  2. Yes, please!

    Screw WWE for not letting this guy shine in NXT, but hopefully he'll shine in ROH.
  3. I'd give him a little extra time time at the start of his time in ROH if he decides to work with that promotion.. he might not get that many televised matches out of the gate.
  4. True... I'd like to see him in ROH, it's such a shame WWE didn't want him.
  5. Willie Mack is a top independent star?

    I like the guy but he is big in Cali. That's it.
  6. What happened between he and WWE? He never even worked for them after signing did he?
  7. Poor wording on the title for the article but he's technically a top independent star in Cali just not worldwide.
  8. From what I read he technically never officially signed, he would've but I guess there was some results of a medical/physical test he took that concerned them at the time so they passed.
  9. If you were ever (even loosely) associated with WWE and then you return to the Indies are you pretty much a top Indy star.
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  10. I have no problem with Mack going to ROH. I'm sure ROH would treat him 100% better than WWE did.