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  2. It's not like this for everyone for some reason, and I have no idea what is wrong with it. -.-
  3. The weird thing is. It's like that for me at home were I use chrome. But at work I use Firefox and it is fine.
  4. Works fine on IE and Firefox. Only happening on Chrome.
  5. I also works fine on Safari
  6. Should be all sorted now I believe. Not sure if older versions of IE will play nice, but they can go burn in hell where they belong.
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  7. Lmao so true.

    Thanks a lot man. How did you find our delightful header code?
  8. Absolutely delightful of course. I cleaned it up a bit, but it still isn't great. Gotta laugh at you using imgur for just about everything. At least get the logo on the server lmfao
  9. I think that's been on our to-do-list for like 3 months or so now, right @Xanth ?

    In fact, I'm going to do it now just in spite!
  10. Enjoy :emoji_wink: Could tidy up a lot more stuff, but once I started, I'd be going for hours.
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  11. Haha, that's one thing you can't actually blame on us :sad:.

    Thanks again though. Out of curiosity, why would this only effect Chrome?
  12. No idea to be honest. Because it's gay? Possibly the best reason I can come up with?
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  13. Seems the most logical one.

    ps - is your avatar that guy from terra nova?
  15. :damnn: noob.'Clay'_Morrow
  16. Just noticed a new issue. If you shrink your browser width enough, the toplinks jump into the submenu...
  17. That's been there for a while. Luckily, nobody really browses with mega-shrunken browsers. Is there a fix?
  18. Yeah when I visit on my mobile on portrait, it's impossible to click notifications as they go to the left and so do the top links.
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