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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. What promotions are the top promotions in Japan in your opinion?
    Figured this could be an interesting discussion among those of us that do watch Puro.

    New Japan is the undisputed number 1 in my opinion. Great product and drawing the biggest crowds. They pull big enough crowds that the WWE reschedule their events in Japan if they happen to collide.

    Dragon Gate is number 2 in my opinion. One could still make arguments that All Japan is number 2 but Dragon Gate has a bigger and more loyal fanbase since a while back. Not to mention that they outdraw All Japan at most venues now, even Korakuren hall, which AJPW made famous. All Japan is number 3 right now but we'll see how long that lasts.

    Number 4 is DDT right now, they are pulling bigger crowds than NOAH and have a bigger fanbase. NOAH is going nowhere right now with Kenta as their top dog. I'm not even sure if NOAH deserves the number 5 spot or not since Michinoku Pro is also doing well. Either one of those is number 5/6.

    Who are your top five Japanese promotions?
  2. New Japan is No. 1, that is very clear, both in terms of quality, media coverage and drawing. They succesfully recovered from the middle-00s MMA driven insanity by playing it safe, and pushing the new Big Four in Tanahashi, Nakamura, Makabe and Nagata. In the meantime, Goto replaced Nagata, Okada replaced Goto. They are the world's best fed since 2008.

    All Japan is No. 2, although their recent Korakuen numbers are not good, but their media coverage is much bigger than Dragon Gate's, they also run big Ryogoku Sumo Hall shows every 3-4 months, overall their numbers for big shows are better than Dragon Gate's, whose biggest events are Kobe World (in Kobe Arena, 9,500) and Final Gate (Fukuoka, 7,000), so that's two really big and signature shows, but All Japan has at least 3-4 Sumo Halls every year, plus many md-sized arenas. Like I already mentioned, AJPW has large media coverage, especially after Burning, Chono and Kobashi signed, and ESPECIALLY now with the Mutoh situation.

    Dragon Gate is No. 3, that's for sure, and internationally they're more well-known than AJPW, mainly because of the former ROH connection. But there's a large puro fanbase in Japan that doesn't perceive Dragon Gate as a "real" pro-wrestling federation, because of it's spotty and high-flying daredevil style, they're perceived as a "Junior" federation. But yeah, they are doing really fine, and their TV schedule is slightly better than AJPW's.

    The rest:

    4. DDT
    5. NOAH (they're going out of business unless they change the business model and scrap tours)

    But my favorite puro fed is BJW.
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