Top Star Returns at Live Event

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Feb 23, 2013.

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  2. Well shit, didn't see this thread :upset:
  3. No. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO! NO NO!

    Mark buddy, I hope for your sake you aren't injuring yourself by doing this.

    As for the booking... anyone but Punk... anyone but Punk... Come on, Taker/Henry II. Taker/Cena. Even Taker/Lesnar. Shoot, even through Sheamful at the guy since he'll work well with a guy like Taker.
  4. The Shield Vs. The Undertaker?

    Be like, "bitch don't steal my light!"

    The Shield defeated Team Sell NO! so it makes sense.

    Not sure if a 3-on-1 match would be good for 'Taker right now. With his age and whatnot it may not turn out too well.

    Can see something like Ryback and Sheamus vs Reigns and Rollins, with Ambrose going after the streak one-on-one, then he retires after facing Cena at WM30.
  6. Just go ahead and job him out to Punk. Oh yeah...
  7. He's not in the best shape currently.
    With Ambrose it could be good. Hopefully it's a gimmick match.
  8. I'm not even looking forward to his match with Punk if they decide to book it.
    He lost two PPV's in a row, but the second one he got screwed in a way so it makes sense.
    I can't take Sheamus or Ryback as threats as well because they lost recent PPV's.

    A good choice would be John Cena at this point.
    But the thing is who would top him next year.
  9. Ambrose wouldn't fit as an opponent this year. The Shield works as a group and neither have really done anything significant as guys on their own. They should continue to perform as a group on the big stage.
  10. Top Candidate IMO.

    - John Cena (Prefer over Twice in a Lifetime)
    - Brock Lesnar (Unlikely)
    - The Rock (Not happening)
    - CM Punk (Good match, but I wanna stop Twice in a Lifetime)
  11. I'm half joking with saying Punk should end it, but on a personal level, I'd much rather see him than John Cena (or anyone else) do it. I even have a good idea on how the match could end with him pulling it off convincingly, even after coming off two losses to The Rock (who he did have beat fairly in the second match) and three victories before that that involved interference.
  12. Kinda knew that, lol. :dawg:

    I haven't thought much about Punk/Taker scenario's, but I could think of a few on the spot. Obviously with Taker winning.

    I can see Punk convincing the fans by hitting the GTS on Taker 3 times and maybe applying the Anaconda Vice.
  13. With Punk, the build itself would be great, seeing as how ending the streak is FAR bigger than winning the WWE Championship, and is the next largest stepping stone after that crazy long title reign. It would make sense, be a good match and a great feud, but we need Punk to stop Twice in a Lifetime.

    Cena's the only truly believable guy left to end the streak. Hopefully Cena doesn't end it though, that would be horrific on all sorts of levels.

    Think Ambrose could work because he's kind of an unknown entity, but agreed that the Shield should have their own match. There just aren't many people you could conceivably throw at Taker at this point...
  14. Shit, guess we aren't getting the triple threat after all. Another super Cena victory this coming Monday. [sarcastic]YAY![/sarcastic]
  15. Same reasoning. I'm all for Punk Vs.Taker. What I'm not in for is Twice in a Lifetime.
    The only thing IMO that can save it is either their is one heel or maybe a gimmick match.
    Or else get Punk in there.
  16. Damn it. He should've made his first appearance at RAW Live so it would be more of a surprise.
  17. That's one of the problems with the interweb, so much shit gets spoiled. Gotta take the good with the bad I suppose.
  18. Would a gimmick match help or hurt though? It'll be different and make the match easier to get over, but we'd actually have expectations for it...

    Obvi a heel turn would help, but there's a better chance of you being in the match than that happening.
  19. I wouldn't prefer Ambrose only because it's not a big enough match. Punk has spent the last year as champion and just came off two big matches with The Rock. He has enough star power at the moment to challenge Undertaker (although I could see the argument that he may still seem like a step down from HBK and HHH the previous four WM events but Ambrose would even more so.) I also would wonder how it would tie into his and the Shield's whole "justice" attitude.

    Punk and Brock in matches with Taker both have better back story to them, in my opinion.

    I'm not sure a GTS is a convincing way to beat Taker. My idea is the simple old massive beat down with steel chair shots and stuff. Just like the previous two years, only this time, Taker is too weak to overcome it. Punk could also play Taker's own game (as could Brock) as far as using submission holds by applying the Anaconda Vice on him to weaken him up. Anyhow, I had this idea a while ago - Michaels signaled to Undertaker his cut throat thingy (the sign that the tombstone is coming) to Undertaker as a way of telling him to finish him off at WM26. Taker should do the same to his own opponent while in a weakened state if he ever did lose the streak, as a way to telling his opponent to finish him and the streak off once and for all. Maybe after kicking out of everything Punk throws at him, he find the strength to crawl to his knees and look up at Punk and do the signal, and then Punk lifts the chair in the air and holds it there for a few seconds (to build anticipation) and then slams it on Undertaker's head and people know right then that it's over. And it is, as Punk makes the three count.

    You could even play up that the beat down that Taker received the previous two matches with Triple H at WM27 and WM28 weakened him up substantially to the point where he couldn't last through that sort of punishment again with Punk.
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